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Old Powerbook G4 15" "hand-me-downed" to me... any good?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by Sean Dempsey, Apr 24, 2008.

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    Sean Dempsey

    As you can tell by my sig, I have quite a few new intel macs. But my friend just got a new Blackbook, so I sorta talked him into letting me try out his Powerbook G4.

    It's 1.5 Ghz, 1 gig of ram. 15" screen. Pretty good condition.

    I have zero experience with PPC macs, what could this thing be good for nowdays? Photoshop? Internet? Or is it just too outdated to really be anything more than an email toy?
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    Sky Blue

    Still a decent machine. May struggle with newer Abode apps, but should be fine for day to day tasks.
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    PPC isn't that old, it's still a great computer. It doesn't have the number crunchy power of the Intel, but for day-to-day stuff it will seem just as fast.

    I just got a hand me down Titanium laptop from a family member; 667mHz, 768mb RAM, 30gig HD and it works great. I reinstalled Tiger on it and it works great for on the go.
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    Sean Dempsey

    leopard run fine on this? I know it will probably install, but would it bog it down too much?
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    I have Leopard on my iBook G4 which is only 933Mhz and 640MB of RAM. It works fine. You got lucky, nice machine. My Mac mini is close to your PowerBook in spec and it runs Leopard really well.
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    I have a slightly faster PowerBook G4, 1,67 ghz with 2 gb ram. I still use it on the go, works ok with Leopard & CS3 Design Standard.
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    Leopard runs fine.... as long your not compressing HD video, everything will be ok.
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    My 1.5GHz PowerBook weeps at being called old!!

    With 2GB RAM it's still a good machine. It'll even run Windows.:eek:

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    Hey if its free its more than good enough :D

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