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Old refurb MacBook prices are now MAD!

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by PowerFullMac, Feb 26, 2008.

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    Same as the entry level!

    If only I had a bit more money!!!

    I think that with these recent price cuts, there will be many more great deals on "old" MacBooks like this, so keep your browser on the refurb store and get ready for a lot of reloading!

    Just a heads up!
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    I don't see that deal in the American store
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    wait until tonight when they restock the store
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    My current MBP is not going for $1300. That's $700 less then what I paid for it!
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    Wow I bought the same one off ebay for about £500

    Bargain there :D
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    :eek: good buy for somebody wanting a cheap mb with a warranty.
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    Wow thats some crazy ****.
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    Comparison Spreadsheet

    I was thinking about this too, and made a spreadsheet comparing the various options. Especially looking at whether the refurb sales were worth it. It includes 4 GB ram upgrade option.

    It's tab-delimited text file here. Maybe it will be helpful for some...


    For me, I decided that the refurbs were not that much of a difference for the MB, but good for MBP (but you lose multitouch there). I may wait and go with the low-end MB but with 4GB ram upgrade. Or, may spring for the MBP... we'll see.

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