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Old school meets new school...1G iPod with Compact Flash

Discussion in 'iPod' started by VirtualNsanity, Jul 20, 2009.

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    So I recently got my hands on a pretty banged up (but fully functional) 1st generation iPod (the headphone jack is even intact!)

    I have been reconditioning an old faceplate to fit on it and working some dents out of the back.

    I figured, as long as I was inside, I would put in a new battery.

    However, now that I've gotten inside, I thought about taking out that hard drive!

    Is this a possible modification?

    I have come across a few different listings for 1.8" IDE Toshiba hard drive to CF converters. Does anyone have any experience with these/know if they work?

    Here are some examples:


    Any thoughts on if it will work. For the $4.00 everyone seems to be asking I really want to give it a try...but if there is no way it will work, I might as well save my $4, haha.

    Thanks, any input on this would be greatly apprecaited :-D
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    Yes this has been done many times.

    (that's just one of many links)

    From what I understand, you just need to research an make sure the CF card you buy is compatible. I bought 2 of the adapters on ebay for $10, but haven't gotten around to doing it yet.
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    A very classic project. Just be careful with the ipod's internals.
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    Ill be doing this to the iPod Mini when 64GB CF become cheaper.
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    I know this has been done before...

    ...and I did my research before asking, but I wanted to check with the experts ;-)

    I still a bit confused as to which part I can use. I have never heard of anyone doing this with a first gen iPod. Furthermore, I just recieved an email from that eBay seller informing me that the part I listed will NOT work.

    Where did you purchase the two $10 eBay adapters?

    Are the internals (that matter for this project) the same as the other iPods? I hav read several reviews of this done on 4G and 3G iPods, but never on the 1G.

    Thanks again, guys!
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    Me too.

    It's funny because I'm trying to do this exact same thing with someone who wants to keep the first gen but play music again. Let me know how it works, I wish it was compact flash compatible like the mini, if I get to it first, I'll let you know.
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    i has 64gb iPod mini

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