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Old Technology

Discussion in 'Community' started by pEZ, Jun 8, 2003.

  1. pEZ
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    I'm not sure what direction this topic will take, but here's a shot...

    What is the oldest piece of technology in your place of residence?

    For example, for me, the oldest is an Atari 2600. Second oldest is a Mac SE.

    Both still work, I love the Atari (FROGGER!) and I refuse to turn the SE into a fishtank (for now).
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    My toy 'playskool' Microphone and recorder.

    That is why I always write school 'skool' ;)

    2ed oldest is my N64 I thunk. (I thunk I thunk.
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    Mr. Anderson

    This is fantastic - but you need to redefine your definition of technology. I have an 19th Century fireplace bellows that can be considered technology.....

    And it still works ;)

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    Re: Old Technology

    my lord. it's so fun turning old macs into aquariums! anyway my oldest piece of technology is this pencil...just kidding :p
    my oldest computer is an Apple ][
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    hmm...well, here in america it has to be an old Magnavox TV (pic below), after that, an old Nintendo (NES) bought purely for the best game ever, Mario Kart!!! oh the memories.

    The TV isn't hooked up to the cable, yet. All i ever do is turn it on and let it warm up for a minute, then turn it off and watch the screen disappear into a white line, then a white dot, soooooooo cool :)

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  6. pEZ
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    Okay, so you got me. I suppose I mean more modern marvels, like 1940s to now. Post-Great-Depression-era. Although I'd say an old wind-up radio still qualifies. :D
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    Macintosh SE. Not sure what to do with it....[​IMG]

    hahahh I had to see what that looked like... :D

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    i've got a mac plus and some old Apple II-IIgs systems lying around...

    this poor iMac 400 *seems* very ancient, i don't suppose that counts...

    (i hope it can't read this)

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    I've got a Stylophone, you remember that really annoying electronic instrument Rolf Harris used to play?

    Still in the box, works a treat, the forerunner to the modern synthesiser...

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    My parrent's 1.5Ghz eMachine, ok maybe not....but it feels like it!
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    I could have had a DataMac (no relation to the Mac we all know and love... this thing is pre-DOS) and dox-matrix Epson printer but I couldn't get it before my grandpa sold his house. :mad: But since I didn't, I'd have to say a Macintosh 512k. The oldest working think is an SE/30 though.
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    I think you mean oldest electronics.....

    but whatever.
    anyways I don't really have any old electronics or anything that old period, I don't like clutter so if I don't have a use for it I don't keep it around. I guess my turntable would be my oldest thing though.....
  13. pEZ
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    I suppose I mean oldest electronics by default - most recent consumer "technology" has been developed in the electricity department.

    At least that's how it seems to me. Please don't lambaste me with examples proving me wrong.

    If you had a propane powered TV from the 50's that would fit.......
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    the oldest piece that is still in use in my household has to be my old Grundig valve radio... I have it hooked up to cable-FM with an adapter and it is still in use...

    ... it's funny that the small tv-set that is sitting ontop of it is also a Grundig but decades younger (I think I bought it in '96???).

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    let's see:

    i've got a console tv in my basement, it's easily from 1977 or earlier. i'll take a pic someday. my turntable is from the 70's as well, and i actually still use that everyday.
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    Probably doesn't count, but I have a house that will be 100 years old in 4 years. It still has some of the original wiring. Bathroom fixtures from the 1950's.
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    of course that is what you meant, I didn't catch that at first but it makes sense that you meant the oldest form of technology (in an electronic form....)
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    I have an old tuner my dad gave me a few years back. I remember him having it when I was a kid. It's an old Allied, and it works well, but you have to wait for the tubes to warm up.
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    I have been one to discard or donate old technology when I purchase new. Like to recyele as much as possible!
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    I have a 1964 Vox guitar amp - does that count?

    If not then my pair of B&O loudspeakers are 25 years old (1978), they were one of my dad's wedding presents.

    Oh yeah, i have a 7" floppy drive knocking around at my parents' place
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    hehe, well if that counts, my family owns a house from 1898. 104 years old. I don't know about the wiring and stuff.

    Small, temporary web page:

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    My dad never throws ANYTHING out. In his attic I've seen....

    Sear's Telegames (Their version of Pong)
    Atari 2600
    RadioShack handheld computer/calculator (40 characters of scrolling text, used to cheat on tests when everyone else had their TI calcs)
    Apple II+
    Original Mac

    - and that's just the stuff that I used and grew up with...
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    Oldest electrical thing is, I guess, Intellivision from like '81. I don't really use it, though. I've got a 12-inch TV from '89.
  24. pEZ
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    The amp totally works - that's awesome.

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