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"Old timers" do biggest concert tours for '02!

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by peter2002, Jan 3, 2003.

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    2002 was a record year for the concert biz with $2.2 billions tour grosses.

    Despite all the hype and bad music of teen queens, pretty boy bands, and thug wannabe players, the highest concert tours for 2002 were performed by "old timers", the young bucks weren't even close by a long shot.

    1. Paul McCartney, $103M, $130 average ticket
    2. Rolling Stones, $88M, $119 average ticket
    3. Cher, $74M
    4. Billy Joel, $65M
    5. Elton John, $65
    6. Dave Mathews, $60M


    See, don't believe the hype. Old farts that have had lots of cosmetic surgery still rule the music biz!

    Personally, I think the reason for this trend is that young people have become so obese from eating junk food and burgers, playing PS2, downloading stolen songs on a 56K modem while slurping a sugary soda pop. It is impossible for the young fattys to stand or even sit through a 4 hour concert when they're 50-100 pounds over weight.

    Most older people are still thin and can do it all night long.

    Pete :)
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    AhHH!! Not Dave Matthews! *runs*
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    You don't have the youngins charging ridiculous amounts for the tickets either, so that makes a HUGE difference.

    take McCartney for example, the average ticket is $130 and he made $103 million. I went to a concert that cost me only $22 for three bands. now had McCartney charged $22 then he would have only made $17.4 million, that's not all that great.

    I saw Dave Matthews and the tickets were $25 and he made $60 million, imagine how much he would have made had he raped people on the ticket prices.

    Those old timers made money for a reason, they raped their fans wallets.
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    Dear lord man! I've seen Dave a few times (long live DMB!!!) but tickets sure weren't $25, more like $50, must be nice to get such a great deal to see a great concert!
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    I've seen DMB twice, both time at different colleges and the most expensive was $27. It was well worth the money.
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    I've seen them three times so far, but all at large arena type places so that would account for the upped ticket prices. I think the cheapest I've paid is $37 and the most expensive is $65 for better seats. I'd love to see them at a small college type setting, you sure are lucky.
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    Jeez - I went to the Stones' LAST final concert tour - Voodoo Lounge - back in 1994 in Sydney... What's the hell wrong with these people? Why can't they say "enough is enough"?

    I now live in London (Twickenham, to be exact), and they're playing 3 gigs at the Twickenham Rugby Stadium (only a 10 minute walk away) - which is quite funny, considering most of the band live no more than 3 miles from the venue.

    So I suppose that their Zimmer Frames won't get that much of a workout...


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