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Old TV new AppleTV?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by everhage, Jan 15, 2007.

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    Most likely I already know the answer to the follwing question (I just don't wanna believe it).

    I've got an older TV with no component or HDMI connection. All I've got in the back are 2 Scart connections (one is stated as RGB, the other as Y/C). According to the AppleTV specs I'm in bad luck and need to buy a new TV in order to use this great device. However, you can buy 'component to scart' cables that I can plug into the back of my TV. It's a long shot, but does anyone know whether this works?
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    The thinking going around is that you have to have a progressive scan TV.
  3. sjk
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    TV compatibility on the Apple TV - Tech specs page still claims:

    • Enhanced-definition or high-definition widescreen TVs capable of 1080i 60/50Hz, 720p 60/50Hz, 576p 50Hz (PAL format), or 480p 60Hz
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    Chances are out of the box, its only for the newer TVs, but theres bound to be some third party belkin or monstercable thingy that you can use. :)
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    Yeah....will have to get myself a newer TV first or wait for some third party plug-and-pray cables. Would be best to get a HD TV with a HDMI connection in order to enjoy the AppleTV fully. Man.....why didn't they think of us losers with TV's of about five years old....mine should last for about five more years (it was expensive enough).
  6. sjk
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    Even EDTV can be acceptable, especially for anyone whose primary source of content is current iTunes Store offerings. It's SDTV owners (like you and I, for now) that ATV completely excludes.

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