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old tv.....

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by miTunes75, Jul 30, 2008.

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    i just bought my apple tv yesterday - opening it up now. I'm not sure what tv resolution I should use? I have a sony kv-27fs12. I'm going through the manual now, but I can't figure out if I should use 480p or something different.

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    I just did a quick lookup of your TV and it looks like your TV does not support progressive scan. I think you would need to use 480i with your TV.
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    ok, the puppy is running now. I have a screen on my itunes that says that if i click ok, it will start synching. I right-clicked on the appletv device and chose do not sync, then it kicked apple tv off. how can i keep apple tv connected but not sync it? just stream only?
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    you need to let it sync, so that it shows up as a device...I believe it streams automatically, as long as it shows up as a device on Itunes, everything you have will stream to the :apple:TV
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    Can appleTV read .m4v files?
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    Its pretty much the default extension (its actually an mp4 file) for the atv and in fact is required for ac3 dd 5.1. yes, just use .m4v files.
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    Click on the Apple TV in the Source list (?) in iTunes, and then go through the individual tabs for each type of content (ie music, movies, podcasts, etc), and uncheck the boxes to sync that type of content.

    Then click Apply now at the bottom and you should be all set.

    Sorry if my description is a bit off, I am not in front of my Mac right now...
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    as i originally posted, i am using an older tv. since it is not widescreen, not an lcd and is 480i, is it common to have the picture in a square shape kinda in the center of the screen? I know the appletv was configured for a widescreen tv, but is this why?

    BTW, this is just for video playback...for some music videos but not all
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    Yes, this is why. There is some persistent confusion about :apple:TV and TV compatibility. The :apple:TV does not require an HDTV as frequently believed, which is good for you, but it is intended to be used only with widescreen TVs --the :apple:TV spec page says something like, "for use with High-Definition or Enhanced-Definition widescreen TVs". It formats all output for widescreen, so that's why it looks distorted on your 4:3 TV.

    Some 4:3 TVs that have component inputs have a 'widescreen mode' to operate with widescreen-only devices -- check your TV's menu.

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