Old version of iDVD won't run on Mountain Lion AND won't let me download a later one

Discussion in 'OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)' started by SpringD680, Aug 12, 2012.

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    I recently purchased a MacBookPro (a big step up from my iMac 2006 that was running Leopard.) I transferred all of my data from the iMac (which included iDVD 6.0.4) to the MBP, which was purchased with Lion. I did not take the time to download an updated version of iDVD before I took advantage of the free Mountain Lion download. Now I am finding that the iDVD app has a circle with a line going through it. When I click on it anyway, it says "You can't open the application "iDVD" because PowerPC applications are no longer supported."
    I tried to download updated versions of iDVD at that point, and I get this message: "An eligible iDVD application was not found in the location/Applications."

    Does anyone think that if I had updated iDVD BEFORE making the switch to Mountain Lion that I would be able to run the application? I used iDVD quite a bit, and I will be very disappointed with Apple if I am unable to use it.
    Is there a way for me to temporarily go back to Lion without losing everything so that I could try downloading an updated version of iDVD before going back over to Mountain Lion?
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    Use the installer DVD that came with your Mac to reinstall Lion.
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    There isn't an installation DVD. It did not come with one.
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    That version of iDVD won't work on Lion either. Lion dropped support for PowerPC apps like that version of iDVD. You'll have to find an older version of iLife to get the latest version of iDVD. I think iLife 2009 is the version you want.
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    It may not work on Lion, but I think I would at least be able to upgrade from there, no?
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    Still no. You can't upgrade from a version that old. You must purchase, with money, a newer version of iDVD.
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    iDVD and ML

    So did you ever get your iDVD going? I just bought a refurb mid 2011 iMac and to my shock there's no iDVD. I enjoy video recording and burning it to dvd to share with family and friends. I took a chance and bought a iLife 09 from eBay...29.99. I am hoping I can somehow install it. I am running mountain lion too. If you didn't get it going, have you found something else to get your video to dvd like Toast 11 or something? Any feedback will be appreciated. From what I've read, iDVD is hard to beat when used with iMovie so to say the least, I'm a bit frustrated and disappointed. Thanks
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    Just so you know, iDVD is also provided with the retail boxed version of iLife 11. It is the same version as in iLife 09, but at least you get the other updated apps. iDVD and iWeb weren't updated in iLife 11 but are on the disc and installed by default.

    Yes, these apps work on both Lion and Mountain Lion.

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