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older Itouch wifi connection trouble

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by pinkcamo, Jul 9, 2010.

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    I have an older itouch 16gb, that was stolen, after I got it back I can hardly access the internet, I've updated, restored and tried everything. I have linksys wireless, the only way I can get the itouch to connect is if I am sitting right next to my router, cannot get it to work in the next room. Any advice? Thank you
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    How'd you recover it? Are you updated to iOS4?
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    not sure if I am updated to ios4, how would I know that? I went to my itunes and updated that, and checked for updates to my device and did that.
    long story on how i recovered it, my teenage son took it to school, and someone there liked it more than my son did and decided to take it home.
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    So it got "stolen" again?
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    Helpful. :)
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    If it's a first gen (kinda boxy back) it's a common issue. The wifi for some reason gets really hot, and fails over time. You can usually get it replaced for 25$ or just use itunes to add apps.

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