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Older iTunes versions being shut out, Apple warns

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Oct 21, 2004.

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    Makes sense

    Since the iTunes store is a combination of remote software on Apple's end, and local software on your computer, it make sense that Apple would sometimes have to update both together. One might well not work with an older version of the other.

    That's OK, as long as non-store stuff--and playing your existing music--doesn't stop working if you choose not to upgrade. I'm sure none of that will be lost. (Plus iTunes updates are free.)

    It's nice that Apple's giving warning, though, if the store will be changing on Tuesday.

    And it sounds like there will NOT be a new iTunes app on tuesday, or Apple would have waited until then before reminding people to upgrade. It sounds like a change on Apple's end, with the necessary stuff ALREADY present in the current iTunes app--as long as you have the current version.
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    My first thought when I saw the announcement was, "Why not wait a week and download the new version?" I wonder if the current version has some sort of auto-update function that no knows about yet.
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    I'm pretty sure there will be some people out there who wont even bother upgrading, and if they use a PC and use iTMS frequently, could end up using a competitor's service.. that's just my thought though
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    Something is cooking

    Apple could be dropping support for the older iTunes because the latest QuickTime may be necessary for whatever gets announced in the next week.
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    They could be dropping support for iTunes version 4.0, which allows sharing beyond your local subnet, in order to strengthen their case with the RIAA and other recording companies' associations.
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    Concessions to the RIAA and Copy Protection

    Apple have allready made enough concessions to the music industry by limiting the number of times DRM AAC files can be burned to CDs, taking out network sharing, etc. Apple has allready proven to be a viable platform to sell music online and if the RIAA has any concerns about piracy they should be looking at Microsoft's products and users instead.

    I hope that the next iTunes can guarantee compatibility with Copy-Protected audio discs. A few months ago Microvision was announcing that compatibility with iPods was an upcoming feature so I hope now is the time they deliver on that promise.
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    Or simpler yet, maybe the changes next week are only at the server end.

    And re losing some iTMS users by requiring an upgrade--yes, some, but the warning helps that. And losing a few is worth it to permit adding new functionality or markets to draw new users.
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    IIRC, the current iPod firmware only works with the latest iTunes and QuickTime, right? I think that's when they changed the DRM to make life harder for the stripping programs. Maybe they're just completing that changeover.
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    Umm no. There is NO limit on the number of times a track can be burned. There IS a limit on the number of times a playlist can be burned in which case simply move one song up or down the list and the count goes back to 0.

    Huh? This feature is still there. You just have to be on the same subnet as the computer running iTunes. :confused:

    Give it a rest. Apple has the best DRM on the planet short of NO DRM which is Never going to work for online stores.
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