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Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by veeco3110, Jan 22, 2008.

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    ok, so i should be getting my g5 somewhat soon that i picked up form someone. im assuming its the second verion((refresh))

    2 gig of ram
    nvidia geforce fx 5200 ultra with 64 mb ddr sdram
    super drive

    im not to sure but do these have airport on these? it says for networking all i have is 10/100/1000 base-t ethernet port

    also are there any issues with these older g5s that i havent yet seen?

    thanks for any information guys

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    also ill be running xp on there also. are these specs worthy enough of running that smoothly or no?

    thanks in advance
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    You will be running XP through emulation=slow. Seriously, when I tried to run Virtual PC I nearly pulled my hair out in frustration.
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    so im guess vista would be better :(:confused:
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    G5s can only emulate Windows. Windows can't run natively on a G5 as on an Intel machine. Vista in emulation will likely be worse/horrifically slow (if it is even supported).
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    You won't be running Windows on a G5.

    It is technically possible, but it is a complete software emulation. There is no Boot Camp or Parallels or anything like that. The current line of Macs, including the Mac Pro, use Intel-based processors instead of Power PC-based processors (like the G5, and the G4 and G3 before it). These processors are big-endian and completely incompatible with x86 (intel) code, registers, etc.

    You could do this, but you would be MUCH better off running windows XP on an old intel core solo Mac Mini than you would be running it on a G5. Especially a single-processor 1.8ghz model with a 5200 "ultra."

    I had the dual-processor version of that G5 for a couple of years, and I tried to get XP running on it because i had an extra copy of windows an Office Pro for Mac comes with VPC7, and it wouldn't work because it only supported up to G4 processors. As in it wouldn't work at all in a G5.

    I think microsoft may have released a G5-compatible version, but then again i wouldn't be surprised if they cancelled that project after apple went to intel processors.

    Your G5 will be fine and a good computer for what I presume was a low-low price, but it will NOT be even a fair windows computer. I would be really surprised if you got it to load up at all. It would probably take a couple hours to boot, provided MS ever released an update to VPC7 to allow G5 processors.

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    There is a G5-compatible version of VPC. I have it and run XP. It still sucks (slow) and I only use it once or twice a year for a proprietary app that is only on Windows.
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