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Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by federal102, Dec 27, 2008.

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    I am considering buying a mac laptop for my kids. My options are to buy a new in box, but older, Macbook Pro( 2.2GHz/2GB/120GB/8600MGT ) for $1299 or a new Aluminium Macbook (2.0ghz ) for $1200.

    It seems that appart from the smaller hard drive, the Macbook Pro is a better machine.

    Is this correct? Which one would you go for?
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    Not necessarily. The FSB/RAM is better on the new Macbooks, making the CPU perform better.
    The screen is definitely worse though. Both good machines, and there are many discussions on this Forum about the same portables. It's all up to you.
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    You have to decide the MacBook Pro has better graphics, but the MacBook is a lot smaller. The MacBook is also built better.
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    Remember the Aluminum Macbook also lacks these features
    -Firewire 400 and 800
    -Expresscard/34 expansion bay
    -regular DVI port

    Unless the smaller size is the most important factor I would choose the Macbook Pro without hesitation. I would rather have the greater number of options for upgrades. Not to mention being able to connect to most any relatively recent LCD without an adapter, especially a rip off $30 one because Apple decided to force another proprietary display interface. They just never learned their lessons from DA-15, 13W3, HDI-45 and ADC. They could have at least used regular displayport or even better HDMI.

    As for the speed difference I doubt you would notice any. But if you game the MB Pro should outperform the MB.
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    I'm in a similar boat, although I'm buying it for myself as a multimedia (video/photo) editor. For that purpose (and I know that older MBP has both FireWire ports whereas the new MacBook has none) from a horsepower/performance perspective, which would be the better choice? (e.g., does the older system RAM/video card make any neglible difference in multimedia operations?)
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    I doubt you would notice any difference.

    Though DDR3 is faster than DDR2 memory it also has a much higher CAS latency which defeats many of its advantages. This will remain so until Core i7 hits the notebooks which has a much more efficient on chip memory controller that helps to remove all of that latency as it accesses the RAM directly rather than through the Northbridge.

    As for the CPU the greater CPU speeds of the MB Pro's should more than make up for the Macbooks greater Front Side Bus speeds.

    With applications that specifically address the GPU you will notice a speed bump with the Macbook Pro over a current Macbook. Currently there are a handful of programs that take advantage of the GPU. Most professional programs are scientific though there is multimedia software that uses the GPU. These include a number of functions in Adobe CS4 applications and some of Apple's Pro software, Aperture and Motion there may be others. Plus any programs that take advantage of Core Image should show some improvements, then of course there are games. After Snow Leopard, Mac OS 10.6, is released you should start seeing programs that make use of the new Open CL standard those programs would also be designed to take advantage of the GPU.
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    The ONLY reason you should consider the older version MBP, is if your kids are going to do intensive gaming. The new MB is an excellent machine. I traded in my old MBP for a new MB, and I would do it again in a heartbeat. It is an amazing super portable laptop.

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    Thanks, velocityg4. Your technical explanations are very much appreciated.

    It seems the general consensus among people weighing in on this type of thread is the older MBP is a better deal than the current MB unless the smaller portability is the #1 priority for the user. velocityg4's post pretty much sealed it for me.
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    Thanks to all for the input. Looks like I will be going with another MBP. I've had this model for a year and it's a great machine!

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