Oldest, Cheapest Apple Laptop that will run OS X

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by neoelectronaut, Jul 27, 2004.

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    I want to get my father a Apple laptop so he can do his web browsing with ease in the comfort of his living room. Wireless internet is a must. What's the best price for such a thing?
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    The last viable machines to run OS X were the second-generation iBooks. The first gen doesnt have a big enough hard drive. Of course, by "wireless" im assuming you meant laptop, but the older iMac can do so as well (though really, really, really not recommended).

    I use a Blueberry iBook with OS X from time to time; it does still work, albeit slowly. You want to look for the 300 MHz, 6 GB models instead of the 233/3.3 GB ones. I have absolutely no idea what they'd run for now, but I was going to sell mine for around $300 at one point, and I'm sure they're less now.
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    A Pismo would work too. It's a little faster than those iBooks at basically the same prices on eBay (the clamshells are considered in a small part "collectible" and demand slightly more than what they're worth).

    You'll be looking to spend at least $400. Maybe $350 - but that maybe stretching it.
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    The Pismos are vastly better machines in every possible way. They are therefore not the "cheapest", and technically not even the "oldest", really; the Pismo was officially discountinued YEARS after the iBook, because the Pismo was the last G3 PowerBook--and it was only once they got the G4 into a laptop that they killed it.

    So the iBook is cheaper, but the Pismo kicks its ass. :)
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    Another vote for the Pismo. That's the oldest PowerBook to have all the modern comforts-USB, FireWire, AirPort, decently powered processor. It also has some upgradability, which is rare for a laptop.

    The problem you may run into is price--while the Pismo is a great computer, the original white iBooks sell for around the same amount and they're a little faster. For the same money I'd take a 100mhz slower Pismo.
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    i use a clamshell ibook 300mhz/3gb/airport/os10.3 mostly for surfing. It all works ok. :D
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    the speed difference is made up by the 1mb l3 cache and the 100MHz bus.
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    My Lombard runs it as well. And I've got a PCMCIA wireless card that works fine with it.
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    Yay for Pismo's. They work great, but mine tends to get a little hot, so i have to put a pillow on my lap, otherwise, i'll get very uncomfortablely hot.
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    When my friend put Panther on the Lombard issued to her by her work, it crashed repeatedly on installation, and whenever she tried to do anything bandwidth- or I/O-instensive. She looked around on the Web and found it to be a common problem. She had to pull out the second SODIMM (RAM chip) to get Panther to install properly. That worked, but now she has to pull the SODIMM out in order to do stuff like render a DVD or send a DVD image across the network, compress a large file, and so on.

    I told her she should just wipe it and go back to Jaguar, but her work won't let her (guess they don't want to call the software vendors and get new install codes for the obscure programs she needs). Sheesh.

    So you guys running Panther on Lombards, did you encounter anything like this?

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    *cough* Pismo *cough*
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    Pismo!!! They are great machines:)

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