Olloclip Releases 3-in-1 Photo Lens for iPhone 5

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Nov 27, 2012.

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    olloclip has released a new version of its 3-in-1 photo lens solution, which has been redesigned for the iPhone 5. The lens set comes in three different colors, red, black, and white, and features three lens types in a single accessory.

    The fisheye lens captures photos with a 180 degree field of view, while the wide-angle lens doubles the iPhone's normal field of view and the macro lens applies a 10x macro magnification.

    olloclip's fisheye lens is also designed to work with Apple's new Panorama camera feature, which was introduced with iOS 6. With Panorama 360 Plus, the lens is able to capture a 360 degree image with both a wider and taller field of view than the standard iPhone 5 camera can produce.

    As with the olloclip for the iPhone 4 and 4S, olloclip for the iPhone 5 snaps on to the upper right corner of the phone over the camera and allows for the quick changing of lenses.

    Steven Sande of TUAW recently released a review of the olloclip for the iPhone 5.
    The olloclip 3-in-1 lens system for the iPhone 5 costs $69.99 and is available for purchase from the olloclip website.

    Article Link: Olloclip Releases 3-in-1 Photo Lens for iPhone 5
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    Maybe I'm wrong, but shouldn't "olloclip" be spelt as "Olloclip" in this article, seeing as it's a company name? Especially in the beginning of the third paragraph, as the sentence otherwise doesn't start with a capital letter. They've done it in the title, but not throughout the article.
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    I don't have any experience with these kinds of aftermarket lenses, but am interested; does the macro lens offer any focal length differences or just close-focusing?
    I'd love a little lens for the iPhone that gives something equivalent to an 85mm lens on 35mm. Does such a thing exist?
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    no. the company uses the lower case "o" as a feature of the name. check the site.
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    Possibly useful to some but oh how inelegant! :eek:
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    I like it, as long as it snaps on and off. Easier to carry that than a camera!

    Except... what I’d most want added to my iPhone 5 is telephoto.
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    Just got mine today. It was a **** trying to center the vignetting on the fish eye lens.
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    The macro lens is only for close-ups. It starts to get blurry about 3 or 4 inches out.
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    Clip on $60 lenses... **shudder**
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    I've had it for the iPhone 4S and really liked it. My only problem with it is that it tends to interfere with screen protectors forming bubbles at the corner you connect the lenses.
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    If the quality is decent, the price seems reasonable, and yes, a 2-3x telephoto would be nice. Also, easy mounting and removal are a must.
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    Looks like a cyst. With a lens.

    Well, it is useful.
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    This one is a clip-on lens that relies on the camera in the iPhone. The one William is producing sounds like a whole camera that you connect your iPhone to:

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    Looking at the example images on their site it appears they hardly do anything. The macro isn't much better than the standard camera can do. The wide-angle you're hard pressed to tell is even wide-angle. The fishbowl is just barely fish-bowled. You could do most all of this with a free app and not have to carry anything around with you.
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    Entirely different. No increase in res. no changed sensor. Lets see what announces tomorrow.

    And since this has been available for more than a year and has just had the mount reformatted to fit the slimmer iP5, there's not much beating to the punch about it.

    I like mine, btw.
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    What's needed is an optical zoom. A wider angle is nice, but fish eye? Increased macro? That's the icing, not the cake.
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    Got mine yesterday. My favorite accessory for the iPhone. Amazing at what it can do. Also had it for the 4S, this new one is built differently. They used an aluminum or some type of metal this time, much sturdier!
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    Try this with the standard camera.
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    I took this with the one made for the 4/4S on my 5. Had to hold it just right but wanted to test the camera out in the 5.

    And no, the regular focus won't let you get this close. The wide angle is nice for bigger shots, especially around this time of year with family. I don't use the fisheye much so I can't really comment on it.

    This also looks interesting.

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    Will this thing work with a case on your phone? Doesn’t everyone use a case?


    Very cool picture.
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    I've been considering one of these for awhile now. I'm just not sure how useful it will be.
    I've taken some darn nice photos with my 4S (considering it's a phone).
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    After seeing some of the photo and video examples posted, it really raised my interest in this. Small, easy to remove, price isn't insane.

    I agree with the poster above, a nice zoom lens using the same sort of packaging would be outstanding. Seems like an obvious product too[?] Even is was as big as a pack of Lifesavers or so, it would still be highly portable.

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