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    Oh dear. I have a computer desk. The iPod sits on a shelve at the top of the computer desk, above eye level. Sitting in my computer chair, I idiotically forgot it was there, and I moved some books and it fell, smacked off the computer desk, fell to the floor and I think it smacked the metal legs of the table before resting on the carpet. It was quite a big noise, and it fell really quick... I picked it off the floor saying 'OH NO!' and quickly looked at it, there is no exterior damage or dents. I unlocked the hold switch and turned it on - it did, and it seems to work fine. I popped it in the dock, works fine...

    Am I lucky, or might it start developing problems?!

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    It's probably OK. Yet another testament to Apple's outstanding engineering. I'm not sure that any other music player would have fared as well. If the drive were spinning when it happened there might have been some damage done, but it sounds like the iPod was sleeping when it happened. So, sure, consider yourself lucky, but do try to be more careful next time, OK? :) I'm glad there was no harm done; I'd absolutely be lost without my iPod!

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    i've dropped my iPod plenty of times(once on concrete!) it will be fine :)
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    :eek: :eek: you people are all horrible to your iPods! be careful with those cute little style machines!
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    Well, my grad student dropped his 40gig ipod while on vacation in Philly, and it has ceased to work - of course, I'm not entirely sure of the details of the fall.
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    Most other MP3 players would have been fine. The iPod is NOT the best! It has NOT got the best hardware, it has NOT got the best interface, it has NOT got the best quality sound, it is NOT the only player that supports things like a voice recorder, camera uplink, etc... (iRivers have inbuilt Microphones, Optical Line in and Line out, an internal FM radio, and the ability to record from the FM radio) and it is NOT the only one that is really sturdy.

    The only good things about the iPod is it's style, it's ease-of-use, and it's high-chance of getting you laid.
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    I beg to differ, according to most reviews, the iPod DOES have the best interface. (and please try to use better grammar)
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    I've dropped my iPod on carpet, hardwood floor and asphalt, and it's survived every time. It never retained any damage other than scratches.
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    1. It has the easiest to use interface, but not the best.
    2. Where did I use wrong grammer?
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    what is the difference between the best user interfase and the easiest to use interface? surely in something like that the best is the easiest to use?
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    It doesn't have the most functionality. Where is my 36 languages? Where is my insane level of cutomisation? Where is my file tree directory access?

    The iRivers and Rios have that, iPods don't. Its easy to use, but not the best.
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    I'm not one to gloat and say the iPod is perfect, but you seem to be arguing for the sake of argument now. Do you have 36 personalities, all of whom speak different languages on different days? Do you need the ability to browse the file trees.. in Latin? The wide use of the iPod proves that "features" like those are superficial, and not needed for a successful mp3 player.
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    To be honest - you can never know if you will have a problem in the future, but most probably you are lucky.
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    Mine slipped out of my hand one day right down on concrete. A hard hit too. When I picked it up it had a big 'ol dent in one of the corners and it had popped open slightly. So I squeezed it shut then started listening to my music again without any problems. Talk about scaring the bejesus out of yourself.
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    i've dropped my ipod so many times i've lost count. i do, however, have a beautiful collection if skins - both by iSkin and xSkn.. The iSkin one is an eXo2 and it bounces if i drop it..

    i'm not horrible to my ipod, i'm just clumsy!
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    The lack of file-tree browsing really, really hurts the iPod, from the eyes of a power user. And a whole bunch of lanuages does help the multi-cultural aspect of a player.
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    From the iPod specs page( ):

    14 different Menu Languages
    28 different Album Info Languages

    It's hardly like the iPod is lagging behind.
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    Its okay, it happens to pretty much everyone at one point or another (unless they have it attached to themselves somehow). I'm sure it's fine--they design those microdrives tough.
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    It has not got? I'd say that's poor gramar. The verb "get" means to come into possession of, not to possess it (that would be the verb "have"), thus that was an incorrect usage of it. Admittedly your error is an extremely common one these days, so much so that some dictionaries now accept it (which is stupid IMO). Next time just use, "it does not have ________"... it sounds much much better. Even if some dictionaries will accept your usage of the word today, they sure didn't use to. :-/
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    I'd like to thank you for pointing out my incorrect grammer, good day to you sir.
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    my ipod has survived falls onto concrete from 20 feet.

    don't mistake it's beauty for frailty. ipod's are tough as hell (at least my 1st gen, as they get smaller and more compact, they become more vulnerable to damage due to less room for shock resistant padding on the HD).
    let's beat this anal retentive monkey.
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    Duff-Man says....sometimes I think people take the whole spelling/grammar thing a bit too seriously - mine ain't exactly the best all the time either. But dude - please don't take too much offense - I think perhaps the problem here is that some people get tired of you hijacking so many iPod threads with your little iriver crusade - I know I am a bit weary of it....fact is, not may people agree with your high opinion of the iRiver...myself included.....oh yeah!
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    I'm hoping I'm not missing a sarcastic overtone or something and you were being genuine with that. I'm not trying to be anal-retentive or nit-picky, it's just that you asked where the poor grammar was, so I thought I would point it out (as no one else bothered too).

    My post was meant to be as kind as possible and hopefully I did not come off as "talking down" to you, because that was not my intentions. So, um... no problem? Oh and it's spelled grammar, LOL (sorry I couldn't resist!!!! :D)

    Anyway, to the original poster, I dropped my 3G iPod a few times off my bed onto a hardwood floor (about 3 feet down or so, my bed is pretty high up) and it never did any internal damage from what I could tell. Hopefully you won't run into any problems, the iPod seems pretty solid. However just take my advice on one thing, NEVER bring them near those lightning lamps! That WILL screw them up!
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    I wasn't being sarcastic. And I realised I spelt grammar wrong.

    I do belive the iRivers are better, but by all means get an iPod.

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