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Omg The Cuteness!

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by Over Achiever, Dec 25, 2005.

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    Over Achiever

    Sorry, been going through the pictures from last night's xmas party at my house, and this picture just struck me googley eyed. All I did was enhance/retouch it in iPhoto, and shrink it 50% in Photoshop. Thoughts?!

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    Excellent picture :D What did you have the aperture set to in order to achieve the blur in the background?
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    Eww there is a crumb stuck to his lip!!!!
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    I have a thought...

    He's mine! :D Seriously though, he's a doll.
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    Awwww... :)

    I found the background of this pic to be a little distracting...

    edit: ok, that was quick pshop job... I can do much much better.
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    Everyone, now!
    1.. 2.. 3.. AWWW!!!!!!

    I love babies and I love babies that take pictures!!
    (my nephew just woke me up and said "I won't punch you in the face" :rolleyes: whatever)


    *pinches cheek*
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    His face says:

    "I'm brilliant, I'm intense, and I'm going to kick your butt."

    Adorable. :)
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    Note to self, don't let katie near my cousins.
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    Aww.. babies!

    I keep pinching my nephew's cheeks.
    If I can't be the stereotypical aunt, there's no point in doing it!

    ...I'm also learning magic tricks to baffle him.
    Also, how to count cards when playing go fish.
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    I am going to disagree with you on this, which I suspect it is a matter of preference, but personally I believe that the background in the original photo kind of tells the whole story. By looking at the baby with a solid black background you do not know it is the holiday season and that he is playing with a new toy. However, there is kind of a blur in the back because obviously that wasn't the point of the picture, but we notice the blur and then we notice what is going on.

    Atleast that is how I see it... just a thought.
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    Go easy on the iPhoto retouching. The highlights have been badly clipped, which sort of ruin an otherwise good shot.
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    What about this Korean girl?

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    Wow... I must say that picture is incredibe! Excellent snapshot you have there!

    Oh and the kid is cute. :eek:
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    Over Achiever

    Sorry I haven't replied, I've been in New Orleans, and having internet access is a luxury here as volunteers.

    I didn't notice I had clipped the highlights, I did the autofix. The colors were a little faded in the original. (speaking from an uncle's point of view ^^)

    I forget the F-stop, I can look up the original EXIF in a bit. Thanks for all the comments!
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    Cute - Awesome photographic skills! :)

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