OmniWeb Browser, cool or what?

Discussion in 'Mac Applications and Mac App Store' started by 2012Tony2012, Jan 7, 2013.

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    Check out this tab system in OmniWeb Web Browser, how cool and good is that? Tabs open up to the left, easy to switch between webpages.

    Do any other web browsers have this ability? Is it possible to get Firefox and Safari to do that?
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    It's just a different visual style. For Chrome and Safari I usually use the keyboard to switch between tabs.
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    Sorry to hijack.... but I will.

    Has anyone tried Roccat yet? How is it? I'm slightly intrigued.
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    I've been using touchpad gestures for a long time to switch between tabs (and open a link in new tab, close a tab, go forward/back etc) - using Better Touch Tool, works great in Opera and safari browsers.2
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    Yes, it does not have all the features I want, but it is very fast and stable.

    As for Omniweb, this has been my main browser for quite some time. It is not as fast as some others, but it has the ability to manage the preferences for each page - on the fly. I get no cookies, popups, Javascript, images, and ads - unless I want them. Images can be added to a page by clicking an icon on the bottom bar after a page has loaded - while still keeping ads away (I bolster the inbuilt ad filter by the addition of Google's AdSubtract CSS).

    BTW, I prefer the thumbnail tabs on the right - it seems more natural.
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    Roccat does the same layout between pages?
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    Yes, it's similar to Omniweb - minus the advanced features. However, it is still an infant, and may grow more complete over time.
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    Oh my, that is not a pretty website
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    Yeah kinda looks 80s lol:D
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    I used to use OmniWeb before Roccat but I have now been using Roccat for around 2 years and I won't look back.

    Also you do realize that in Roccat you can move the VisiTabs to the bottom or to the right hand side, or to the left hand side or even to a drawer like OmniWeb. There are definitely pros and cons for each, for example I really appreciate the "RClouds" feature for tab syncing, bookmarking syncing etc.. like other browsers have too (I haven't seen this on Omniweb), I also like the Roccat Flick feature for seamless sharing of sites over a network between macs, iPads and iPhones. I personally prefer the VisiTabs at the top so appreciate the ability to move them. OmniWeb was annoying as I like my web browser to take up all availiable space and that's difficult with the Drawer.

    The pluses of OmniWeb (for me anyway) are workspaces and as you mentioned the better control of images, ads etc... and site specific preferences.

    I wouldn't say Roccat is missing the "Advanced Features" as Roccat holds lots of Advanced features which OmniWeb doesn't have just like OmniWeb holds lots that Roccat doesn't have. I think they are all aimed towards slightly different markets and you have just got to decide which one best suits your needs and personality. Or use multiple browsers like I do haha
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    Ah yes, those 80s web pages..... :confused:
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    You are correct about the differing markets - I don't have/want any iToys, nor use the Cloud and Social sites, so Roccat gives no advantage over Omniweb for me. One of the advanced features missing in Roccat seems to be the inability to use a CSS file for better ad blocking, etc.

    Yes, I am aware of the Tab locations available - I mentioned preferring the right-hand side because I thought the OP might not be aware of the flexibility available.

    FWIW, I also use Slimboat on those occasions where I need to visit a page that requires open settings, rather than mess with the basic Omniweb settings. I also use Firefox to disable Auto-play and Auto refresh on certain cites.
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    I may try slimboat one day.
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    Yes, they are painfully aware of their poor website, as they acknowledge:

    "Thanks for the feedback, unfortunately we need to make the site compliant with older browsers, as most people who visit the site will be coming from another browser which may or may not be up to date with current web standards.

    Having said that we are planning on updating the site to make it more simplistic but we have been super busy this past year!"
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    I don't consider tab syncing a toy, it's crucial for my business to be able to access my open tabs from any Mac, iPhone, iPad. But then we go back to the different markets statement. The CSS statement is incorrect, Roccat supports CSS and UserScripts - I believe in the visual section of preferences (can't say for sure as I am not at my Mac.

    Haha atleast they know, tbh I would rather them continue perfecting the browser as apposed to the site anyway, I download for Macupdate anyway ahaha!

    - Side note does anyone know when Roccat 3 is out?
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    I actually said iToys (iPhone, etc).

    As for the CSS, it doesn't seem to accept a preprepared listing, such as Google AdSubtract or GoodVibrations. I have no interest in building my own from scratch.

    Also, it lacks the ability to manage images, beyond a general yes or no setting. Bandwidth caps can be of concern, here.
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    Never heard of SlimBoat? Have you tried Slepnir?
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    My bad misread the iToys sentence, but my sentence remains similar I don't consider an iPhone a toy either and it's also critical for my business.

    You can easily copy the CSS code and paste it in the CSS and Userscripting window, it works fine :)

    I have tried Slepnir it's very beautiful but I do hate the UI, I hate having the address bar hidden, the gestures are highly annoying often accidentally closing tabs etc, and the websites don't seem to load as quickly as Roccat, and it seems to be using a lot of ram (for me anyway). It offers a lot of the features Roccat has and It also has an iOS app which is nice, so I am watching it's progress keenly as it definitely has potential, but at the moment it's not for me.
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    Ok, thanks for the tip on copy/paste - I only tried dragging the file over.

    Now, if they could just make window resizing permanent ...
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    No worries I am always learning all the features of all the browsers, and always happy to help, I have 20 browsers on my system at the moment!

    What do you mean about window resizing?
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    Changing the size of the browser window (to get rid of side-scrolling) does not stick - on next reboot, it's back to original size.
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    That's odd mine does,

    The only way I think that can happen is if you have multiple windows as it seems to use the last opened size, or if your closing the window using the red x instead of just quiting will reset it.

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