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On B&W G3, 2 of 3 ATI 128 cards quit on 10.2, still work on 9.2

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by PatMcGee, Jan 14, 2005.

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    I've got a Blue & White G3 with 3 ATI Rage 128 cards. After some upgrade in the past year or so, 2 of them have quit working under 10.2.8. They all still work under 9.2.

    Apple System Profiler shows the same stuff for all three except for the ROM#. The info that is the same is ATY,Rage128y, 1002, 5245. The ROM# for the working one is higher (newer?). It is 113-57407-204. The other two are 113-57401-116.

    Anyone got any clues what I could do to get those other two boards working again? The extra screen real estate was really nice.


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    There was a thread about some guy who ran three monitors off of his G4. There are, I think, some software links there that you should find and download and run to see if they help. Search for that older thread.

    Just wondering, what do you need 3 graphics cards for?
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    Mechcozmo, was, it this one?

    Windows guy will buy a mac if DVD can stretch three LCD's

    Interesting. Not the same as my problem though.

    Why do I want three monitors? Ever since I've discovered I could do it (on a Sun 3), I've been spoiled. I want lots and lots of windows open, because I bounce from one task to another all the time.

    Actually, the third was supposed to go in my living room so I could have an iTunes "What's Playing" screen there. I've got about 13,000 songs in iTunes, and I love putting them on random play. Sometimes, I hear something I don't remember well, and I want to see who it is.


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    i remember reading on a flashing thread that having 2/3 of the same video card caused problems in late 10.2 and 10.3, something to do with the id of the device or something. not really much help but i will find it if i can - i think it was at cubeowner.
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    I also have a G3 B&W and I thought I had to do a firmware update for the graphic card under os X. Try searching Apple's website for a firmware update for this. It would explain why the rom from one card is higher and working under os X then the other 2. Goodluck
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    I found the thread I was looking for...

    Linkety to it. But I think you just might have to flash your cards with the newer version of their firmware.

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