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Once you go Mac, ya don't go back.

Discussion in 'Switch Stories' started by Gymnut, Aug 19, 2003.

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    Not a switcher story but one that only reinforces why to go Mac. Have been an Apple user/consumer since the IIe days and have always praised Mac's for the simplicity and ease of use. At work unfortunately, I'm relegated to sit behind a peecee.
    Incidently, today my underling brought in archaeic Sony Vaio he had bummed off a relative only too eager to get rid of it. He's used nothing but PC's, built his own, yet did not know how to reformat the HD of all things. After razzing him a bit on this, I went to work, searching numerous sites, reading countless forums, whilst he sat and played on-line pool on Yahoo games. Four hours later, and a fattie of a stack of papers printed off the web on my table I was stuck at the C-prompt. All kinds of possibilites as to why such a simple procedure went array, i.e. he has burned copy of Windows ME and me not knowing what the hell I'm doing, but reading countless instructionss on fdisk, D:\Setup.exe, and numerous other DOS commands tempted me to place my fist through the Vaio's screen. I'm not sure if XP is any better but this certainly made me glad I'm a Macintosh user!
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    Re: Once you go Mac, ya don't go back.

    XP is better. And all these PC hate stories are quite annoying. They are bad, bit not that bad. I can find just as many people who had problems with macs. It's just 90% of people (PC users) are bound to have more problems than 10% (mac users).
    But i'm certainly very glad you feel so good abot your apple comp...
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    Oh dear lord Windows Me was horrid. I remember people running away from that OS in fear. The funniest part was if you posted in a PC form (at least the ones I visit) that you were running ME you got ripped on for a good half dozen replies before anyone actually addressed the topic of yer post. :) Oh, the good ol' days.

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    Powerbook G5

    The only thing I am confused about is how you are doing all these DOS commands if Windows ME doesn't have DOS...it's the first Windows to do away with it. I know you can go into it if you boot up into diagnostic mode, but once you are there, it's basically useless. Maybe I am just a bit rusty since I haven't had to deal with PC repair in so long...I stopped after Windows 98 and have only dealt with ME and XP through friends/family/school.
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    Nah. ME is 98 hyped up on Crack.

    XP is the first home-user one without the DOS (Windows NT/2000 hyped up on crack).

    To reformat the drive:

    Get yerself a windows 98/ME boot disk (I even keep one of these around for my BSD machines). You can make one of them by going to control panel -> add/remove programs -> startup disk -> create startup disk

    Boot the S.O.B with the disk. Start the machine with CD-ROM support (it's a menu option)

    format c: /s
    (format the hard drive, the /s sticks the system files back on it so the drive itself will boot if something goes askew).


    Alternatively, some of the 98/ME CDs boot. This is controlled in the PC's BIOS (when the machine boots up with the fancy sony logo, hit Esc or Tab to see the standard text screen it'll usually say ``Press X for setup''. Press that key. The CD-ROM boot option is in there, if it exists.

    That should be it for 9x/ME.

    Once you've got it installed, depending on the vintage of the machine in relation to the release of ME, you'll need to install these wonderful things called drivers for just about every aspect of the machine including power management. It's a world of crap. Have a coke and a smile.
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    Powerbook G5

    I hate DOS...it's all about Unix, it's amazing how much better it is compared to DOS. I remember going through all of that wonderful PC experience with formatting, installing drivers, then the oh so much fun of resolving device driver conflicts with IRQs conflicting with each other...anyway, I could have sworn Microsoft stated ME was 98 without DOS...but I guess that "without DOS" part was just meaning it didn't restart into DOS or run DOS games like 95/98 did...I remember because I tried like crazy to run Wing Commander Privateer in DOS with Windows ME and it just wouldn't recognize DOS.
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    UNIX is the perfect work operating environment for me, yet the X11 window managers of yesterday lacked elegance and simplicity.

    Then came Mac OS X...
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    Thats odd, I have :rolleyes:

    If you have problems installing some drivers or messing with DOS, your lacking in the mental department.

    DOS is still usable in xp; it is emulated. :D
  9. Wes
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    I don't think somebody's lack of proficiency in DOS is proof enough to label them dumb.

    While we are talking about lacking in the mental department, it should be you're not your.
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