One Click Jailbreaks for iPhone and iPod Touch

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Oct 29, 2007.

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    Over the weekend, a couple of one-click web-based Jailbreak solutions were published for both the iPhone and iPod Touch.

    One that received a lot of attention, and provides some answers to common questions is published at Before you visit the site with your iPhone or iPod Touch, read on.

    The features list is as follows:
    The site uses the known TIFF exploit which allows individuals to execute arbitrary code on the iPhone or iPod Touch by simply loading a TIFF image with Safari. Normally this is considered a "bad thing" in that virues, or other comprimising code can be deployed to unsuspecting users.

    In this case, the exploit offers users a simple way to jailbreak and install 3rd party apps. It even claims to fix the TIFF exploit it used to hack your iPhone/iPod.

    Obviously we need to be cautious about these exploits as it's possible that someone with more sinister motives could deploy a similar site to unsuspecting users. This particular url appears to have been tested by a number of sites, but proceed with caution.

    Article Link
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    Apple, though, has me scared. I'm afraid to crack my iPhone at all for fear of it getting bricked at some point in the future.

    Geeze, all I want is a custom ringtone and maybe a few games...
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    Well, after taking all of my 3rd party apps off and doing a complete "Restore" to my iPhone since my native as well as 3rd party apps were starting to act "Buggy" under 1.1.1, I got to say, this new and improved version is really nice. Not only because of the ultra-simple install process, but also because everything seems to be quite stable now. Very nice. And VERY quick I might add.

    Been using it now all day and everything seems to be working just like it did in version "1.02 days."

    One word of advice though: If you plan on installing via this method, I highly recommend doing a "Restore" beforehand if you already have AppInstaller and 3rd party apps on you phone since older preference files and such need to be updated. I have heard of users who did NOT do a "Restore" beforehand (users who had already had 3rd party Apps on 1.02 as well as 1.1.1 phones) and were having problems with many Apps not running correctly or not at all.

    Apparently, the new method of installing does not update some older files necessary for some apps to run smoothly. Just my advice.
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    I tried this on my iPhone and any application launches for 2 seconds then suddenly quite & goes home.

    Any fix????
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    restore back to 1.0.2 or 1.11 before running I currently have 3rd party apps on my 1.1.1 but the phone is acting funny and some of the apps dont work well as well as the phone shuts down sometimes. I want to go the route.
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    I fortunately DID restore 1.0.2, then upgraded to 1.1.1, then used Apptapp ( and my applications STILL seem buggy :(
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    You're in exactly the same boat I was. I was running 1.1.1 with 3rd party apps and things were acting quite buggy.

    Do a "Restore" which will restore your iPhone to the latest 1.1.1 firmware as well as get rid of any 3rd party apps, preferences, etc. Don't go back to 1.02 since I believe this new installer method runs best under 1.1.1.

    After restoring, sync your iPhone to itunes to get all your photos, music and such back on.

    Visit the route.[/QUOTE] site and follow the instructions.

    After installing via this method, I immediately (via the "Installer App on my iPhone) installed BSD subsystem, Community Sources, Open SSH as well as Services (which lets you turn off or on your SSH).

    P.S. Follow the instructions on the site. After installing via the site, Safari disappears and you return to the main Home screen, you're good. Just wait a minute more for your unit to restart--don't touch anything until you see the slide to unlock screen.
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    I would like to use this, purely to get their tiff patch. Unfortunately it would probably mean undoing all the application downloading and stuff I've done to it previously. Any new on whether how else to apply this patch?
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    If you have installer on your iphone, there is an app under "Tweaks 1.1.1" that will fix the Tiff exploit. of course this means you have to have 1.1.1 running. i dont think theres a fix for 1.02
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    One side note: Playing a song then going to any App will more than likely make your system "Buggy" (i.e. your App quitting, returning you to your home screen, making a game start over, etc.). This is because of memory allocations I believe. If you want to run an App, it looks like you must "pause" your song, then launch your App.

    So far, this is the only thing I have encountered as far as things running stable or not with the current 3rd party Apps.
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    This exploit will not remain open. It is a wide open door to malware. These hackers that figure these things out are super smart (I'm sure Apple enjoys the free service they provide),
    but I would not invest the time to use this exploit on my iPhone as it will have a very short shelf life.
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    Can anyone advise? I'm a bit confused as to what exactly I should do in my situation with the following 2 phones:

    My Phone: AT&T is NOT on this phone but youtube, etc. works due to using my husband's SIM to cheat it to work. It is hacked (installer) and has 1.0.2.

    My husband's phone: unhacked 1.0.2 with AT&T.

    I'm unclear what I should do with these 2 different iPhone situations. I want to end up with both running 1.1.1 and hacked. (hopefully the voice recorder and iTunes emailer thing is still available). I just don't want to muck this up. Appreciate it.
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    Agreed.. very short shelf life. software update tomorrow.
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    This is not likely to last. There's no way Apple will allow such a simple security break to go uncorrected. Nevertheless, I wish I will wait till Apple properly unlocks the iPod... come on Apple, let me put software on my iPod PDA already! :eek:
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    This is nothing new. This exploit has been around since the beginning but most recently noticed in 1.1.1. Even if Apple were to release an update, all someone would have to do is to revert back to 1.02 or earlier to still have this exploit still around. It is embedded in all firmware versions.

    Even after the heightened publicity during the early "TIFF-exploit" hacks of 1.1.1, Apple still did not release a fix. If they haven't done so already (1.1.1 has been around for more than a few days . . . ), I doubt they're going to now.

    One reason someone might want to consider to use this AppTap installer is that it actually FIXES this TIFF exploit. Something Apple has not opted to do so far.

    Now how's that for hacking! Use the TIFF exploit to install, then FIX the exploit. Pretty ironic.
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    anybody else try clicking the install link and it shuts down safari after just a couple seconds without finishing the install?

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    Ironic and smart.
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    I always wanted to have the native apps on my phone, so I tried this out for once. This isn't the first time I have done something like this either, I was big into it with the PSP. However, there really is no use for it with the iPhone... The applications are not nearly complete enough to be called an app from what I can see. So I just restored my iPhone. Now I know I can wait untill apple sends those applications out!
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    I used the original method to jailbreak 1.1.1 and it was very buggy. I restored back to factory settings and didnt load my backup on the phone. I waited for itunes to activate the phone, then when I did the jailbreakme route it was MUCH more stable.

    It hasnt crashed once and all my apps run like 1.0.2 Im VERY happy with this method.
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    Having the exact same problem -- I wonder if it's the result of the site getting hammered.
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    Still no luck... but now, it seems, that my iToner 1.0.4-installed ringtones are gone... (poof)...:confused:
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    Best thing would be to restore (not update) both iPhones to firmware 1.1.1, then use

    Since one of the phones won't be activated once updated to 1.1.1, there's a trick to access Safari so that you can access Here's a link for that trick:

    EDIT: I found a video of the whole jailbreakme process.
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    thats what its supposed to do. When you go to the link it will "crash" your safari, DONT TOUCH IT, and it should go to sleep. When you wake it up you'll have the installer app. Read the TUAW page and it explains everything. This is so far the easiest way EVER to jailbreak the phone. I love not having to use a computer, terminal commands, ssh, iphuc, blah blah blah....

    This is amazing!
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    When i click on install nothing happens. Ive let my iphone sit for 10 minutes and none of the buttons work until I have to reboot. Anyone else have this problem?
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    I am this issue too with safari closing, has anyone figured out why or how to get around it?

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