one of my iBook's little feet is missing

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by 18thTomorrow, Aug 23, 2004.

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    My (6-week-old) notebook was rocking on my desk and I realized one of the little rubber feet has fallen out. I'm not sure where it did, as I've been quite mobile the past two days. This is really bugging me. Has anybody had this happen? Who can tell me where to get the little rubber thingie replaced? I really don't want to send it all the way to Apple--that shouldn't be necessary. I live in Grand Rapids, MI--I'm not sure if there is a genius bar anywhere near here. Would CompUSA have the resources to take care of it?
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    I assume they'd work for an iBook too
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    We ran into the same problem at our high school. The iBooks available for student use inevitably lost feet. The only products we found after extensive search was a 4 pack for $10, or this baggy of 200 (or so) for $30. Get the big bag and sell the others on eBay for $10/4 and make a HUGE profit! :D
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    Agreed, but it's still the best price I've seen.
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    I to am missing something...

    The iBook is missing off of my four rubber feet thingies. I have these four iBook feet, but the iBook must have fallen off somewhere...

    Oh wait... here it is in my kid's room..

    Sorry for the interuption.

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    Its ghetto, but i just taped a penny where the little rubber foot went because theres no way in hell i was paying what apple wanted for those little feet (aparently you can only get them in sets of four).

    This was the most cost effective fix i could find :)
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    Which country are you in? I've got an old iBook and I'd be happy to stick two of the feet in the post to you. Feel free to send me a private message / email through the forums...
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    What about cutting a white pencil eraser down to size and gluing it on?
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    Thanks for the offer UKMacBod but I'm in the US and from the sounds of it you're somewhere across the pond :(

    I just might try the rubber eraser suggestion. Though it makes me really, really mad that this is my only solution. After all the thing is less than two months old...shouldn't things hold up a bit better than that?
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    hey where do you get this pack of 40 feet, i have lost all my ibook feet, includeing the one on my battery, it dosent bug me much, it's just that the fan comes on allot quicker than it used to

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