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one small step for man, and one giant leap for Giant Shrimp

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by G4scott, Apr 4, 2004.

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    Mmm... Free shrimp...

    It seems as if fast food has something to do with Nasa. First, Taco Bell offering to give away a taco to everyone in the world if Mir hit their target in the Pacific Ocean, and now this...
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    giant shrimp... talk about an oxymoron. :p
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    I certainly hope that I can find a Long John Silver's in the Boston area that's close. That sounds like a delicious deal. Although we get really great seafood here in Boston. My wife doesn't think they are located in NE, so will have to check the Web. I just checked and the closest would be New York. Hopefully those that have one in the area will be able to enjoy.

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    As I was reading this, I thought "What an obvious April Fool's joke." Heh. I eat a LJS way too much, but here's an excuse for May 10!

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