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one tenth of my life

Discussion in 'MacRumors Old Skool' started by jefhatfield, Jul 8, 2004.

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    in a few minutes, less than twenty to be exact, i will celebrate my 4th year here

    and i am 40 years old

    oh my god, i have been a member here for one tenth of my life!!

    but then again, there could be a user here who has three years in here and is only 12 years old (younger kids need parental permission i think) and that would be a quarter of their life
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    congrats! thanks for contributing so much to the content of the forums...you're one of the people who really makes macrumors great.
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    I've been here for one fifth of my life! I'm just about 21, and I've been here since 2000. Man, time sure flies! Thanks for sticking around, you older gent's keep us young ruffians in line for sure ;)
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    Less than 20 minutes...what, do you still remember the time you registered on the forums? My word!

    Boy, I'm glad I read that a second time. That made it sound like you'll live to be 400.

    I've been lurking around the forums a bit since 2001, when MacRumors ran vBulletin version 1, and the vBul. v2 smilies had color. - I still want the original MacRumors smilies back. - So you could say I've been around here for 3 years, even though I've only been registered here for 2.3 years. It's kinda wierd though, because from one generation of MacRumors to another, I forget more and more about the original MacRumors contributors and keep thinking that it's a new MacRumors, meaning, new members that will swarm the place. So my point is: It feels different that I "know" you -- an original MacRumors contributor from before the 2002 era -- and that I'm still talking to you online even though there have been some tens of thousands of new members.

    Then again, I also "know" you as networkman, julianahatfield, my adopted punk father (mother)... [​IMG]
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    wow, great to see an oldtimer here!!

    so you weren't even old enough to vote when you came on here and now you can order a budweiser...that's a trip ;)
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    but i am all those things
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    Yes, that's exactly how it is... Wow... I never thought of it that way! Man, I feel old! :D
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    Congratulations jef, you really are a great member of macrumors...it seems like you've always got an interesting thread going in the community forum, whether it be about education or just about something that nobody else could think of. I always enjoy reading your threads on your thoughts on college and grad school, or whatever degree you're currently working on. ;)
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    Laslo Panaflex

    I didn't really think that I would participate that much on these boards, but, it's been just over a year and I have now reached 500 posts. I never thought I would ever get that many. Time flies . . .
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    hey, you live in s,l,o?

    i spent my first 2 1/2 years away from home at cal poly and spent a lot of that time on marsh street, but also tropicana, woodside, and yosemite dorms on campus ;)
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    Congrats on the four years! A kid born when you joined would be in preschool now. A kid born when I joined would maybe - possibly - have learned to, oh, drool or roll over or something equally impressive. And our respective posts show our respective "ages" well. ;)

    But - by the time I reach your real age, I'll have a posting age of over two, which means I'll be wanting to play with the big kids. Maybe by then I'll be able to decipher Sun Baked's hardware diagram posts....
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    i hope to make it to five, but over the last few years, part time, i have been working on prereq courses in school...but when i get into the real nitty gritty stuff, i may have to disappear from here for a time, or maybe just be seen very rarely

    i think my average is five posts a day, give or take, and that's a lot, day after day, to keep up ;)

    if i get on a roll on one thread, five posts could be done in just an hour...just reading that thread, too

    but if i look around at many threads, five posts will be done in a space, here and there throughout the day and night, over prolly a good three hours of time

    i like to read here more than post, but some here have posts over 10,000 so i assume they like to post more than read...hehe ;)
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    My average is listed at about .54 posts/day. Even though I actually post about 5-10/day, it's that low because I joined in 2000, hardly posted, had my account deactivated (just lurked and read), had it reactivated in Fall 03 and have since posted over 700 posts over what I had within the first 3 years of my membership. :eek:
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    my thread title "one tenth of my life" seems so puny to what you can post as a thread topic saying "one fifth of my life" assuming you are only 20 or thereabouts

    but then again, maybe you are an unsightly 55 year old looking for a date posing as a youngun...there are many cute women on macrumors, too ;)
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    Nope, believe me, I'm looking forward to 21 this fall...

    (that reminds me, I need to post a pic!)
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    paint the town red with your friends, but be safe, and bring a macrumors member or two along to take pix and post it on this website

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    I dont' know any MR members personally! I should after this long, I suppose... I'll have to see if there are any in the area.
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    wow jefhatfield, that's quite a while... when was MR started? you must be one of the first members?

    i just checked... i've only been here since 03-12-2002 (that's 12 of March, right? i'm used to the Aussie date format.) i was 17 when i joined, now i also can order a budweiser. legal age is only 18 in Australia! [​IMG] :D

    and i'm already a 68030, and i've still got a post count of 3.4 a day, and i haven't even posted much (if any at all) over christmas! :eek: i must have been really busy at one point...

    hey i was just thinking, i'm 20 this year, and i've been here for more than 2 years now... so i've also spent a 10th of my life here? :eek:
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    I have been here for almost 4 years, and I am 17, so I have spent almost a quarter of my life here;)
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    after your hugely successful thread on WI members, i have come up with two conclusions...he he

    1) since apple rents a lot of office space in the valley of silicon, at a high price, if they decided to move, WI would be a great place since there seems to be a great apple crowd there

    it would also be good to increase the company's net profit by lowering the high cost of business it requires to operate in silicon valley, and apple inc would not have to be surrounded by 2,000+ pc related companies like it is now in silicon valley

    gateway could have moved to silicon valley and be considered just another computer/high tech company but instead they moved to san diego and became the "key" high tech player there

    i have often thought about apple inc moving and where they would be best...i would miss them since they are in my backyard, but as long as i can get my macs, i am happy...and also, the macs are not made in cupertino anyway

    2) after all your replies to your post, you can meet at least one person from your state ;)

    and if you are not "connected", then the sky is the limit, dude ;)
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    Unless you own one of those private non-government spacecrafts... [​IMG] Let's make sure that the seniors that began hoggin' all our corvettes don't hog our spacecrafts. [​IMG]
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    LOL :D

    Thanks jefhatfield. Actually, the post you qouted was the one where I decided to do the WI MR Thread. It *has* turned out to be incredibly successfull, thanks to your post for insipiring me.

    Oh, and I do think I'll go with option #2. I think we'll probably have a mini-meet at some point within the next year. That should be fun.

    On an aside note, this is my 1000th post after being on the boards for 5 days shy of 4 years.
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    congrats...it seems to be you, me, and true777 on these boards from the earliest of days
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    Congrats Jef

    Well done Jef, congrats on all the 40. The world needs informed discussion.

    In cricketing terms, a marvellous innnings.

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    Doctor Q

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    blakespot is still around and still posting too.

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