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One touch Blu Ray Ripping advise?

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by keeper, Aug 22, 2011.

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    Been reading the old threads and they all relate to make MKV and Handbrake.
    Just got my Mini to replace 1st gen ATV and a Blu Ray ROM

    The internet now seems to offer one touch programs like, ********* Blu-ray ripper, Pavtube Blu-ray ripper.

    I have about 10 disks to rip, thinking of using 720p as I only have a 37inch TV, and they could be played on my tablet.

    Whats the best current method free or paid app to achieve a good 720P with 5.1 and stereo sound tracks. I'd prefer a one touch method if possible.

    Many Thanks Phil
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    It's not a one touch methods, but I would recommend MakeMkv + HandBrake.
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    If he only wants to rip, then he does not need handbrake. He only needs both if he is planning to rip and encode into an iTunes friendly format.
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    It looks like i'll be using PLEX on the Mini, So if I can use MakeMKV only thats a positive, I don't have an iphone or ipad. I went to the mini to provide more options.

    Cheers Phil
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    In that case, re-encoding with HandBrake is just about saving space and bandwidth. After ripping a Blu-Ray with MakeMKV, you will end up with a file about 20-30GB in size. After re-encoding to a 720P m4v using HandBrake's ATV2 preset, the file will be about 3 GB.
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    Where did you get those numbers from. Makemkv run on a blue ray ends up with a file between 6 and 8gb for the main movie.

    Op makemkv is your best option if you are using Plex.
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    All of my BR movies ripped with makeMKV end up ranging from 16 GBs to 30 GBs for the main title. My DVD movies end up at 6-8 GBs for the main title. Would you like a screenshot?
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    Yeah don't know where you are getting your numbers from, but I've done about 30 Blu-ray rips with MakeMKV and each of them are over 20GB. Once I encode them with Handbrake, then they are down to 5ish (~5Mbps bitrate).
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    Try taking a look HERE, OP. A user here made some cool automated scripts for ripping DVDs and BlueRays and then encoding them. His scripts use the command line versions of MakeMKV, FairMount, and Handbrake. You put in a disk, it prompts you to enter the title, it finds it, then rips it. Then you open the encoding macro and it will encode all the waiting rips to your desired output format. It will also tag them with metadata and poster art.
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    I'd like the setting you are using in MakeMKV.

    Cheers Phil
  11. KevinC867, Aug 22, 2011
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    MakeMKV doesn't require much in the way of settings. You just launch it, point it at your Blu-Ray drive and tell it which titles you want converted to .mkv files.

    The same interface which allows you to select the titles allows you to specify which audio and subtitle tracks you want included with each title. I usually just use MakeMKV's default selections rather than trying to save a little space by deleting some of the audio tracks.
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    MakeMKV is a ripper. There are no settings. At least, not ones which affect the final rip.
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    You must be confusing DVD rips made using MakeMKV with blu-ray rips because similar to others, all of the blu-ray rips i've done are between 20-30 GB while DVD rips are usually between 5-8 GB.

    OP--if you must have 720p, you're going to have to encode with something like Handbrake as MakeMKV only rips at the native resolution of the blu-ray (1080p).

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