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Online Apple Store iPhone Orders Shipping July 6th

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Jul 2, 2007.

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    Despite citing 2-4 week delays in iPhone shipments made from the online Apple Store, Apple has notified some customers that their iPhones will ship by July 6th (Friday):

    Apple started accepting online orders for iPhones on June 29th at 6pm PT.
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    Hope the Bluetooth voice/ear deals go out too.
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    This is good news. Maybe I'll be ordering one soon. :)
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    No such email to me yet, my order is still listed as 2-4 weeks. That said I didn't order until yesterday.
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    This post convinced me to purchase one online.

    Hopefully it doesn't take 2-4 weeks, just placed the order 20 seconds ago.
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    Me too - The guy at the apple store said they don't charge until shipped so if I happen to come across one sooner I can but it and cancel the web order. If the apple store gets another batch tomorrow I'm all over it!
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    OK. I just got the email, it says it will ship "before July 13th". So I guess just over 2 weeks.
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    just got my email confirmation...

    "To Our Valued Apple Customer:
    Good news! We're happy to let you know your iPhone will ship by July
    9th, 2007."

    I also ordered some accessories for the iPhone (case and car charger), but those won't ship out until the 17th.
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    Nearest AT&T or Apple Store?...

    Why don't you all just go to your nearest Apple or AT&T store and pick an iPhone up? :confused:
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    1) Because they sold out.

    2) I don't want to have to keep going back to see when then get them in. I had enough of that with the Wii.

    3) Because I ****ing hate dealing with cell phone salesmen.

    I can wait a couple of weeks if I know I'm going to get one with no hassle.
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    i 2nd that...

    I second that. Let alone, I ordered other Apple products at the same I ordered the iPhone. Call it laziness, that's fine...for me it's convenience.
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    I went to the AT&T store on Saturday afternoon and I'm having them direct ship it to me. They said they would be shipping this week. We shall see...
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    I received this yesterday...ordered at 6:12PM on the 29th.

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    now if i could just get my bluetooth headset shipped already...
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    Same here. But these aren't even in the store yet (or at least weren't when I checked Sunday evening). I like how small and sleek the Apple bluetooth headset looks.
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    yea they say they dont know when they are supposed to arrive in stores... but i really really want one
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    mines says it will ship by july 13th with arrival by the 17th....
    damn, that is too long.
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    apple.com orders starting to ship!

    Just checked my order status:

    Order Status: Prepared for shipment
    Ships by: Jul 6
    Delivers by: Jul 10 - Jul 12

    Placed the order through apple.com on iDay promptly at 6:00 PDT. They're beating that "two to four weeks" significantly, as expected.

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    congrats! im still planning on going to an apple store. does anyone know how often apple stores get shipments? maybe when they run ALL the way out? or a few a day? anyone know? thanks.
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    iPhone has shipped

    Received email today that my iPhone has shipped and new delivery date is "by July 9th." Tracking indicates it is coming directly from China and was shipped July 4th using FedEx. I have received other Apple products directly from China and gotten them in 2-3 days so hoping the connections are good and maybe get a Friday delivery...:)
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    This is why I never bother with the 2 day shipping. Most of the time the items come direct from China and it doesn't matter how fast shipping you use, they arrive in 2-3 days. Free shipping FTW.
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    so wait.
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    I also received notice that the iPhones I ordered have shipped by FedEx. I ordered at 6:04 PT on Friday. Should be here by Friday or Monday. No Independence Day in China.

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    I am thanks. :confused:
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    Got the same email, but it shipped on July 4 from China. Expected delivery on July 9. Or sooner.

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