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Online download no music to Aussies

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Jul 19, 2004.

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    Wow, there must be some sort of limit though.
  3. DJY
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    I think the no download limit simply referred to the ISP aspect...
    that any songs are downloaded without eating their into their monthly data quota.

    That is they pay for the songs - but the downloads don't get added to their data limit for each month. Most ADSL plan here in Australia still contain monthly download limits you see... most of the large ISPs don't offer unlimited ADSL to the general consumer market.
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    You have to pay for data within Australia? It's common to be charged for international data here, but transfers within NZ are free with most ISPs.
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    The Australian contenders are unlikely to replicate Apple's success with the PC-compatible iTunes, which is partly due to its user-friendly rights management.

    Not only did the US site settle on the magic price of US99c a track, but this buys unlimited burns to CD, unlimited copies to any number of iPods and the ability to share songs on up to five Macintosh or Windows PCs.

    Australian users, in comparison, look like they are getting a raw deal.

    Those 3 paragraphs make me LMAO.

    I can almost see why Apple is not in a hurry to get into the Australian market. If the success or lack of for the companies mentioned who are all following the subscription model for music downloading then I dont think Apple is going to face any competition at all.

    Obviously the big music companies and ISPs just dont get it. People dont want to rent their music, they want to down load it and OWN it and play it WITH EASE and not have to worry about which songs they are licenced to play on which device from which store.

    For your average non tech minded consumer that is just one big headache. Much easier to go to the CD store and buy the CD.
  6. DJY
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    You talking about the Australian options? or iTMS?
    iTMS doesn't allow unlimited burns does it? I thought there was a heap of discussion recently when they reduced the number of burns possible?
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    iTMS songs do allow unlimited burns.

    The oft-quoted "7 burn" limit is per playlist. Once you exceed that quota, you simply have to destroy your playlist and create another to get another 7 burns.

    IMO, this is ideal. It's inconvenient enough that nobody is going to use iTunes as a CD-duplication system, but not so inconvenient that typical home users will be burdened by it.
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    With Telstra as long as you stay internal to telstra you are not charged but go outside that and you are.

    But since they dropped the price 10$ for cable and increased the plan from 1gig-10gig I havent come close to running out. Mind you I dont swap either.

    But since all of the Australian services involve WMV I have no interest.
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    I was just quoting those first 3 paragraphs from the article, so if anyone was mis-informed it was the article not me.
  10. DJY
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    Ditto here!
    I personally think it is a shame thought that iTMS doesn't allow for a higher bit rate than 128 as well!
    I rip my music at 192... would at least like the option to choose (not that we are likely to ever get iTMS in Australia I suspect).

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