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Online music is popping up everywhere - except here

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, May 17, 2005.

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    Here = New Zealand, in case you're trying to figure out if you should click the link. ;)
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    Poor Kiwis...

    Having to buy CD's from a brick&mortar store like some ancient cave man might have to do. :)
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    I posted it because it is an informed opinion and quite valid even though it only relates to us Kiwis. Kinda sux though....
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    And I would say it is going to be like that for some time to come.
    CDs priced from $29.95 - $34.95NZ when new. Discounted to $24.95NZ some real old stuff discounted to $10.00/15.00 or 2 for 25 etc
    second hand CD stores sell "used" CDs at cheaper prices constantly

    I mostly buy mine so that I can rip at my prefered rate and have a hard copy back up. We can still download from p2p or edonkey or any other file sharing site since most young PC or Mac users down here are as tech savy as the rest of you out there. ;)
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    Huh....Kinda hard to feel sorry for em considering they live in some of the most beautiful land on the face of the planet. I’d easily give up iTMS for that kind of backdrop. :p ;) :D
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    I could probably say that about Vancouver BC and the Columbia River Gorge, Portland OR as well.
    Mind you the view out the office window where I work is nothing to be sneezed at :)
    But this link might wet your appetite a weee bit .....
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    STOP THAT!!! I don't have the money! *sobs* :D
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    LOL, yeah, especially now that I have a DSLR, I don't think I'd get *any* work done if I lived in a place any more beautiful than here. Not that I get much done now.
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    When I get my partners digital camera back from the her sister Ill post a shot from our office (we look over Auckland harbour from the water level towards the harbour bridge-although we have the blinds drawn in the studio during the day to keep the glare from the water off the monitors) Nice view from our lunch room though ;)
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    Oh, yeah? Well we have a creek with baby alligators in it. Okay, yep, you win. :(
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    Yeah - I've always wanted to go to NZ. I'm definitely going *last* christmas. (obviously didn't work out). Perhaps my Kiwi buddy will return this year and i'll go then. :)

    Until then, I'll enjoy the view from my houseboat.
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    Christmas is a good time but late summer is best :) we have just had about 2 and a half months straight if clear calm settled weather continuing on from the end of a late starting summer.
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    New Zealand?

    Pardon me.

    I am so sorry your iTms is not yet working...

    I have bad memories of NZ.

    So excuse me if I care not.

    What is interesting is that Apple was able to secure a contract with US mainland music companies, but NZ companies are balking?

    While I respect and like our NZ members, I doubt it is Apple's fault when trying to megotiate a deal


    Consider yourselves lucky, you Kiwi bastards! Have you heard any plans for iTunes Argentina or iTunes México? No. Shut the hell up.
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    You do know that there is no RIAA in New Zealand, right?
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    Yeah there is no Recording Industry Association of America in New Zealand, over here in Australia music downloading is relatively safe. Unless your sharing it with mass amounts of people via a .com then your ok...
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    :rolleyes: Ahh those net manners kicking in. Now nice. Can you be any more of an ***? I don’t care if the people complaining are the folks at ice station zembro or whatever in Antarctica. It’s a legit gripe.
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    Yeah NZ, it's called PAYBACK for giving us that crappy Steriogram gram.

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    Hey Steriogram ROCKS!.
    I would say there are more crappy artists in the out of the US that we are forced to listen to than bad artists out of NZ that the US has to listen to. At least they write and create all their own stuff.

    You could try: Brooke Fraser, Che Fu, The Datsuns, The D4, Goldenhorse, Salmonella Dub, Adeaze, The Feelers, Stella, The Finn Brothers (aka Crowded House).....
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    The only bands from NZ that I like (the ones right off the top of my head) are the Split Enz and the Jean-Paul Sartre Experience.


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