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only feature I want on a 6G ipod (rant)

Discussion in 'iPod' started by celebrian23, Jun 26, 2006.

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    Quite frankly, I don't care about any "none-touch" format, or a true video ipod. Or any of that other stuff. All I want is a good battery. A battery that doesn't lose it's initial power so fast. Especially since apple stopped including the wall adapter thing with the ipods (I don't want to pay $20 for it) and it's annoying to always have to hook it up to my laptop (which doesn't have a desk :() Like when I visit my dad on the weekends and I don't want to bring my laptop (he doesn't have a network) to charge it! If my 5G actually had the advertised battery life with me pushing buttons I wouldn't need to bring my laptop or invest in an adapter.

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    I would think that with NAND flash storage the battery life should be a lot better, no?
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    I totally agree, celebrian23. The advertised battery life is very deceptive. Under what I consider normal use on my 5G 30gb, I usually end up getting only about 8 hours before I recharge. Sure, if I used it at half volume and never touched the skip button (or any other buttons for that matter) I get the quoted 14-15 hours battery life, but seriously who uses their iPod without the skip button and at half volume? No one that I know of. They really should work on improving battery life or change the way they advertise it.
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    i just want 802.11 compatibility so i can play my ipod straight to my APE, or even connect ad hoc to other ipods so you can share 24 hour meta copies of tracks that expire.
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    I can get about 1 hour of battery life out of my 3 Gen iPod now....making it useless, so now it's just a little harddrive and I don't even use it as a portable music player anymore.:(
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    I had the same problem on 2 3Gs (my wife's and mine) until I replaced the batteries. Easy 5 minute job - bought the battery and tool (packaged together) for $22 each shipping included. The new battery also gets 25% more runtime than the old stock one. Quit whining and start fixing.
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    Funny how people seem to skip two words when they read the advertised battery life. Those 2 magical words are, " Up to." Apple doesn't promise lets say 20 hours of battery life on the 5G 60 GB iPod. Apple says it can reach that high. I have tested my 5G 60 GB iPod when I first got it. I let it play music non-stop without skipping. I got 21 hours of battery life. But if I did skip songs I will expect it to take a hit due to the HD spinning up to refill the 20 minute cache. I have never let my iPods battery get drained. So I don't know how long it lasts with normal use. Even though the 3G's had problems with battery life.
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    Around here it's way more than 22 dollars....more like 55, plus tax putting it over

    60$, so I'm not whining, I'm just not in the mood for spending....
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    When I last bought an MP3 player, I narrowed it down to Creative and Apple. I really liked Apple's click wheel, but the battery was the deal breaker for me. I ended up getting the Creative because the batteries are easily replaceable and because spare batteries can be purchased for about $20 on ebay. If the iPod had had a user-replaceable battery, I would definitely have bought it.
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    But the iPods only have the advertised battery life without you "pushing buttons". As quagmire said, you get "up to" not "always".
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    I replaced my own battery on my 1G iPod. Aren't I a user?
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    cry me a river about not spending 20 bucks so you can charge your ipod without a computer.

    while i do think they should be included, dude, its 20 bucks. People will spend 3-4 hundred on an iPod (not to mention thousands on ITMS songs), but not the 20 bucks so you can charge it off the standard outlet.


    and im sorry, 8 hours is plenty. I still use my 1st gen iPod, the batt is now at around 5 hours per full charge, and its still pleny useable for me.

    there is almost never a day when i will need more than 5 hours of use out of my ipod. i still live in a world that i need to interact with people in. It is not condusive to have myself shut off to the world listening to my music 15-20 hours a day.
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    I think the battery life is fine. There's always a computer around now-a-days but what do I know :)
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    to be honest, i think dropping FW for USB 2.0 is FAR worse than the battery life issue.

    fast transfer and charging all in one with FW, now with USB it takes 4 times as long to load a fat 60gig pod. Even moreso with the addition of a video iPod. Even more reason to utalize FW.
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    My point was only that NO ONE doesn't push buttons when listening to music. I want a time that is more accurate as advertised. :p
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    Scarlet Fever

    people were saying they could get up to 24 hrs of life out of the 2G Mini when Apple claimed it had only 18...

    I really wouldn't care if my iPod was 2 mm thicker to accomodate firewire support and a bigger battery for more life.
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    me neither. :p
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    Best thing for an old iPod is to sell it to someone who wants to use it with a car stereo kit or do it yourself. The kits include a constant 12v power source. That's what I did with my 3G and now I'll get life out of it until the harddrive dies.
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    I use my 5G 60GB video at work all the time.

    I use it off and on for about 6 hours a day and can generally get through half the week before it needs a recharge. I try to run it down completely before plugging it back in.

    My 3G 10GB needs to be plugged in continuously in order for it to work, so it either stays plugged into the wall and stereo or into the car hookup.

    But I completely agree with the OP. The batteries need to be better. Especially when you consider that with the built-in batteries, as soon as they expire you're sitting with a $400 paperweight. Sure you can buy a replacement battery, but some people are clumsy or are technically incompetent. Either provide better batteries, or develop a way to easily replace them without ripping the whole thing apart.

    Edit to add: Oh yeah, and bring back the firewire. USB is horribly slow in comparison.
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    I'll remember this next time I spend 3 hours on a train and immediately another 13 hours on a plane.
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    Sorry, but I don't understand why the iPod doesn't have a user replaceable battery?

    I'm planning on getting the next iPod, but its going to be a big step down in terms of battery life from my iAudio M3L which has a HUGE 35 HOUR battery life (and that is no exageration). However, I want to move to video, and I want to see what all the iPod fuss is about :D

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