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Only in Japan

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by MongoTheGeek, Mar 26, 2004.

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    soon the storylines in those robo-manga will come true...

    but anyways, that's going to be really useful when the next large earthquake hits japan.
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    Les Kern

    Hail Robots!
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    i'm waiting for Bill Gates to get his brain transplanted into one of these so he can really start his world domination ploy.
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    You know, that's the problem with Bill Gates. We all paint him to be an evil billionaire, but he's just a pathetic man who got a few things right. What he needs is to become evil, to become half-cyborg and start holding the world at ransom, etc. I mean, he must be such a boring man. $40 billion and he doesn't even have contact lenses or a hair stylist or a clothes stylist.

    We have SJ, and he, in his way, is bonkers.
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    yeah, but,
    contact lenses and stylists are to get women
    his $40 billion makes him defacto the sexiest man alive (for many but not all women) giving him powers of pursuasion I, a mere mortal, can only dream of.
    an investment in contacts and a stylist would only decrease his nest egg making him infact less sexy, leading possibly, some day to sexiness lows of Trump or, god forbid, Forbes.
    He has invested/stolen wisely and I have no doubt that someday if his brain is not trasplanted into a world dominating cyborg, his conciousness will be downloaded onto the internet ala Timothy Leary in order to control pirating and thereby safegaurd his MS coffers.
  9. jsw
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    "Aliens", anyone?

    Ripley: "Get away from her, you bitch!"
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    I certainly hope that new T-52 Enryu (literally "rescue dragon") will be successful. It will be a very useful tool for disaster rescue. That is a robot that I wouldn't want to see become an independent thinker, lets just keep him/her as a friend.
  11. jsw
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    Also, might I add, for carrying G5 towers. Perhaps Apple should put one of these in each store to at least help people crate their purchases out to their cars.

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    Well this is completely disappointing. It doesn't even transform. If this were cooler, it would become, maybe, a prawn or a treadmill. But, if someone gave me one, i'd probably eventually find a use for it...

  13. jsw
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    You know, looking at the picture more closely, I can see all those (power? hydro?) lines getting ripped right off as it tries to "forage its way through a heap of debris". Then it's just another obstacle.
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    Boomers! Oh crap! Genom must be behind this.
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    Hah! Man, this story is so ripe for parody it's it'd be worth developing it just to see what people say. I'm still waiting for the next model to turn into a motorcycle or other equally useless piece of hardware, though.

    And let's not forget that to the Japanese robots are not our evil overlords, but loved tools friendly helpers--the ever-cute Astroboy and the disturbingly this-thing-like labor robots of Patlabor (which some owners get way too into). Let's just hope they're right and Western sci-fi isn't...

    Incidentally, I'm pretty sure this isn't autonomous--it seems to be more of a large mobile crane than something that operates on its own. And considering how useful giant robotic arms can be in factory work, I'm surprised nobody put two of them on a vehicle for this kind of thing sooner.
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    Kent? is that you? :rolleyes:
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    "Go Go Rescue Dragon!" has a certain ring to it ...
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    I'd like to see it with the Sony Aibo programming.


    Considering how many earthquakes happen yearly, this robot would be a big help. How many times have people been caught in a building collapse during a fire? Then again, it could end up like the pyromaniac, eventually. :D :eek:
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    Oh my God, it IS PATLABOR!!!!
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    Does anybody else think that it's model name is a bit odd? T-52? Could this be T as in TERMINATOR? If T1, T2, and T3 were all such powerful robots, can you imagine what T-52 can do?

    Besides, what's wrong with the other 25 letters of the alphabet?
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    It really wasn't necessary for a Japanese company to use any letters of the Roman alphabet. Why should it matter that they chose 'T'?
  23. adt
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    Maybe 'T' is engrish for [​IMG]
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    any machine built to do good is ok in my book.
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    Yes... But We are ALL DOOMED ANYWAY!

    aswitcher -- what is 'PATLABOR'?

    A few more years till the robotic revolution... damn them! :mad:

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