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Only the front of my Invisible Shield came?

Discussion in 'iPod touch Accessories' started by G5Unit, Sep 22, 2007.

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    I ordered the full body shield for my ipod touch and only the front came? It says FULL BODY on the packaging. Yet I can only find the front inside. Am I being stupid? Is it hidden somewhere in here?:confused:
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    why would u want the sheild
    it makes the ipod touch look old and light shines off of it when ur watching something
    the ipod touch is scratch resistent
    just search iphone stress test on google then u will see
    the iphone has the same screen as the ipod touch except for the pre week 38 shipments
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    Obviously he wants to put it on the back that does scratch like crazy, hence why he's angry the back isn't there?
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    The back of the iPod Touch is definitely not scratch resistant as it's the same chrome mirror-finish that Apple has been using in its iPods since the first one.
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    You don't know that for sure. It hasn't been proven yet if it was a software or hardware change. Don't make statements like that.
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    Not sure if you're trolling and I'm not in on the joke, but I've used Bestskinsever (an Invisible Shield knock-off) for some time now on my hard-drive based iPods. You will not notice any heat build-up from using a poly skin.
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    I Had the same thing happen!!! I'm so pissed, I didn't want to use the Touch until I got the shield...argh.

    I only received the front piece (says full body)...I've called and sent emails, but it's the weekend. Looks like they screwed up on their end.
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    It kind of defeats the purpose, now it will be full of scratches by the time a new one comes(if even) I want a refund[:
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    Tape on the original cover that the touch came in. no joke I actually did this until I get a back cover!
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    I ordered the same thing, but mine hasnt come yet. I want it only for the back, hopefully they dont **** mine up too. For now though, I fashioned a cover for the back of the ipod using all of the stuff that cam in the box. If you still have it, take the clear cover from the front of the ipod and stick it to the back. Then take the black plastic piece that the ipod came in and cut it out to be just the shape of the ipod. Then cut off the parts for the dock connector port and the headphone jack. Then just tape it to the back with either double-sided tape or just roll some tape inside it. It doesnt look half bad and it is keeping my chrome side beautiful until my invisible shield comes. here are some pics:



    I suggest you do this because I didnt cover my chrome back when i first got my touch and it had a few scratches on it within 3 hours! Do this until you can get a case or an invisible shield!
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    Thanks! I did that!
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    I had a bad experience with Invisible Shield. It took about a month to get my screen protector for my daughter's sidekick 3. They told me they were back up in orders for the iphone. I have a full cover on my BB Pearl phone from bestskinsever and it looks great. Plus it is 1/3 price of Invisible Shield. The only reason I brought from Invisible Shield is because bestskinsever didn't have a protector for the sidekick 3. Oh yes it came so late the screen got scratch on the SK 3 it was useless then. I still applied it but the scratch is noticeable.
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    As we have seen on many message boards, the iPhone is NOT scratch resistant at all and neither is the Touch. They can both scratch very easily including the glass screen. Too many people have reported scratches for them to be scratch resistant.

    I would just get a regular rubber case when they become available and just be careful with the Touch till then.
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    I got the Armageddon kit for mine.

    3M scotchgard 8mil from www.xpel.com 12" wide and 1foot long.

    Just go slow and add some water drops to get it just right.

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