Ooh! New icons and smilies!

Discussion in 'Site and Forum Feedback' started by Nermal, Mar 28, 2004.

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    Am I the first to notice? Do I win a prize? :)
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    These have been around since the forum upgrade.

    Wait, scratch that, must have refreshed something after this post.

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    Yes you are.

    At least he's avoided using the animated smilies, they can be so annoying sometimes.


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    I don't know who's got it worse there, the pea or the banana. :D
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    I like the new icons. Looks really sharp.
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    It's definitely getting interesting with all the random changes being made. It makes it more difficult to get bored with the design when something gets tweaked once or twice a week.
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    The word "candidate" disappeared from the bottom of the page. MacRumors changed from the vBulletin candidate release to the final version sometime this evening.
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    I see what's going on here, couldn't take the heat from www.notanotherforum.com could ya? :D :p It's smilie central! :eek:
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    arn - excellent icon & button improvements, thanks

    The old icons were well... :rolleyes: colorless.
    Now, they are COLORED :eek: and
    CUTE :)
    I like :D
    Thank you :cool: arn
    Another excellent & meaningful improvement. :p

    Will the Lightbulb and Yield Sign every turn YELLOW? :)
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    When I noticed that things started looking different, I checked down at the bottom and noticed that it's vBulletin Version 3.0.0, and not just a release candidate (beta version). So it's finalized and changed.
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    Are all version 3 vBulletin forums as crazy when you register to post comments, notanotherforum.com is strange, It's been a while since I've been through such an unusually rewarding process. Surely this can't be standard with all vBulletin sign ups?

    Quite a few familiar people on there too. :)
    Just the job when you feel the need to be way off topic :D
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    Hey -- the quote button finally says "Quote" instead of "Reply".

    Thanks for all the updates!
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    Things are really strange on my side of the fence...Safari in its typical cache-a-holic behaviour has cached some, but not all of the smilies, resulting in some seriously ugly looks. *Shudders*
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    MacRumors had colors smilies in 2000-2001, but got rid of them for the technical yellow smilies for three years.

    Feedback on icons: Mediocre to above average icons
    Feedback on newly-updated smilies: Most look stupid and fugly! [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    I don't like the new :eek: - it looks too alien.
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    Yeah. The eyes are a little bit too big.
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    Odd, I'm not seeing any of the changes except for the version change at the bottom of the forums.

    No new smilies for me, and the quote button is still different.
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    still haven't decided weather i like them or not. some of them are cool, like :D and :p
    it adds color, but ones like :eek: and :eek: are kinda scary.
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    awww yeaaahhhhh...

    I'm liking it. :D
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    Wow I'm diggin these. The whole site looks really nice now. I like this one: :eek:
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    i personally don't like the new smilies. but it's okay, because i hardly ever use them!

    if i could wish upon a smilie: i want :squint: its SO awesome!

    EDIT: 300 POSTS!
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    what does the green/gray circle next to the "report the post" icon (the one with "!" mark) mean? online/offline?
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    yeap, it does mean online/offline from what i understand.
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    Place your cursor on the object to find out what it is - without clicking

    You do realize that these icons will tell you what they are if you simply "place" your cursor over them (without clicking), and the green/grey ball will tell you whether some one is offline/online. Try it on lots of the icons and buttons on the page.

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