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Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by yauzers619, Nov 14, 2011.

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    My local best buy has a current gen 13" MacBook Air 128gb open box deal for $1170 after open box discount, $100 off open box coupon, and 7.75% tax.

    Pretty Luke warm deal right?
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    okay deal...I got mine for 900 after coupon before tax for the same 2011 13" base
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    does the one-year apple care start from the moment you purchase the open-box item? or did it already start when it was "First opened"?
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    when I registered mine it showed one year from MY purchase date (not original)
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    WOW! How'd you score that deal?
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    Not really sure....i keep waiting to see the catch. Cosmetically i looked it over and given the nature of the air, its not like someone can swap out components either. The instant on performance is just amazing, and its silent too.
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    Not a good deal, I got a NIB 2011 13" base for $1249 less 3% instant rebate from Mac Connection (no tax, free shipping.) With 1% back on my CC it came out to $1200 shipped to my door.
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    Thanks guys, I'll keep looking for that steal.
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    $900?? what kind of coupon did you have, and where did u get it?

    I got mine for $1235, no sales tax, at a Best Buy in New Hampshire.
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    mine was an open box listed at 999 - $100BB open box coupon to sounds like yours was BNIB correct?
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    That's a good deal, I got a MBP Early 2011 for $750 after tax and $100 off coupon, just added 8GB of RAM and I'm happy
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    WHAT $750? How? WHERE?
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    I just got an MBA 11 in i5 64gb from bestbuy yesterday for 769.00 out the door.
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    Where is this coupon you speak of?

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