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Opera Lauches Redesigned, Enhanced 'Opera Mini'

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, May 24, 2011.

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    Opera Software today announced the launch of a redesigned version of its Opera Mini browser for iOS devices, bringing a fresh new look with an iPad-specific interface, enhanced performance, and new tools to improve the user experience on one of the most popular alternatives to Apple's built-in Safari browser.
    Opera Mini debuted on the App Store just over a year ago, and reached one million downloads in just days as it topped Apple's charts around the world.

    Article Link: Opera Lauches Redesigned, Enhanced 'Opera Mini'
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    I didn't like the previous version mainly due to its annoying zoom behavior, but it seems like that's exactly one of the refined features, so I'll try it out again. It's free after all. :p

    Edit: Yes, from a quick look -- zooming feels much better now. :) I'll try it more later. It's especially interesting since it synchronizes bookmarks etc with Opera, which I already use at work and at home!
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    Definitely going to give it a go. The overlapping cards sort of effect on the preview tabs like the native twitter app had me sold. The hipster dude setting up the retro projection screen for the video and the indie song soundtrack was the icing on the cake.
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    I had given up on it as it didn't look too great magnified on an ipad, but I'll definitely give it another go.
    I like Safari, but I'm not going to complain if there is a faster alternative. The more competition there is the faster things improve..:cool:
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    Ontouch not supported

    Tested on iPad and not very friendly. Doesn't appear the browser supports ontouch events or HTML5 much. HTML5test.com is 35. Safari on iPad has a score of 206.

    Navigator.platform yields "Pike v7.8 release 517".
    Navigator.useragent yields "Opera/9.80 (iPhone; Opera Mini/6.13548/24.854; U; en) Presto/2.5.25 Version/10.5410.54".
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    I'll have to try it out... good thing for my friends house cause they have awful internet.
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    Can't be any worse than version 1. It was absolutely dire (why it appears - as a user - as if they wrote it all from scratch instead of using Apple's standard APIs I don't know)

    But it did serve the important purpose of being able to browse sites like b3ta on 3's mobile network instead of being redirected to their porn portal.

    Let's see if it's reasonably usable this time! Also - please, Opera, do incremental updates. Instead of leaving us with a .0 release all year.
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    Have given it a go on the iPhone. Some positives like the speed dial and tab images. Apart from that not a big fan of the nav bar. It seems too intrusive and perhaps a bit bigger than safari. The red opera O is the worst offender for me. And having some trouble with navigating the forum. It registers some clicks but instead of following the new URL just reloads the same page. Promising but not quite there for me.
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    Just updated, it's about a million billion times (give or take 0.1) better than the old version.

    Though ironically, it seems 3 have *finally* unblocked b3ta anyway, which means Opera's only remaining appeal to me is if it's better than Safari. And I don't think I'd quite put it there yet.
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    I take it back.. it still sucks.

    Yes it's fast (this is great for scrolling down long chan threads)
    And zoom is working properly

    But still the way forms work is awful
    And still the autocorrect doesn't work (I'm sorry for being mean about you for the occasional word you get wrong, Autocorrect. I lobe you.)
    Autocorrect is an absolute MUST.

    Why mustn't they use Apple's APIs? It has all this stuff built in doesn't it?!
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    I get lots of problems with sites not loading properly for some reason.

    Also I get a higher HTML5test on android?
    It gets 234 plus 11 while my iPad gets just 35?
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    Almost there on iPad

    Tried Atomic and nearly liked it, nearly like Opera too. Tabs and speed dial are great and overall speed is good, it would be really good and replace safari if it actually loaded pages correctly, facecrack included.
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    And the world goes "meh".

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