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Opinions on Handbrake settings???

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by pb1300, Sep 12, 2009.

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    I have a 300 dvd collection that I would like to add to my iTunes account since I cannot watch them on my PS3 here in Greece (NTSC vs PAL). I want to use Handbrake to convert them all, but I would like to get you guys' opinion on what settings should I use. I have a 32" 1080p LCD, and the two Macs I have are a 20" iMac and a 13" UMB. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!
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    Use the universal setting since that will allow playback on the computer, :apple:tv, ipods, iphone.
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    Would that be the "Normal" settings on the side? I am currently encoding Beverly Hills Cop 2, and the setting are set at:

    Framerate same as source
    2-pass encoding
    Average bitrate: 2500
    Anamorphic: 853x480 Strict
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    No, you go to the settings tab "Apple" and then you see "universal"
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    Go into the PRESETS menu and click on Update Presets. That will get you the Apple Preset tab that the previous poster is referring to.
    Enjoy. :)
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    How are you planning on watching them--on your Macs/iphone or via streaming to the PS3? If you use the Apple presets you will not be able to watch on the PS3 with some steaming applications (i.e. I previously used Media Link from Null River) though I believe you can use PS3 Media Server which will actually re-encode the files on the fly to be playable on the PS3 (not my ideal solution as you'd be re-encoding already encoded files and quality is bound to suffer). If you are only interested in watching via the PS3, I suggest starting with the Gaming Console presets in Handbrake for the PS3 and modify for quality as you see fit.

    If you want to use on both the Apple hardware and the PS3, I'd encode using Apple Universal preset and then stream to PS3 using PS3 Media Server. I don't know if there is a setting in Handbrake that will accommodate both Apple devices and the PS3--none that I'm aware of but if there is, someone here will certainly chime in.
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    Either I will have them loaded on an external HD, which will be connected to my PS3, or install it on my PS3 after I add a new HD to it. The Beverly Hills Cop just finised, and it is a little over 2gb, so Im looking for something that wont take THAT much space.
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    I go with the Apple Universal setting.

    The first-gen iPod Classic, iPhone and iPod Touch can all do DVD-resolution video (720x480), so I stick with that. My tv is only 720p, but videos look great on both the iPhone and the HDTV. I use MetaX to add metadata like actors, directors, rating (R, PG, etc.).

    I never use 2-pass, it would take 8 hours per movie if I did.

    If I have audio commentary and the like, I encode that to AAC. I originally was doing a pssthrough on all of my audio, but now I only do it if its 5.1 audio. If not, I stick with AAC only. If I have DTS surround, I convert it to 5.1 AAC.

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