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Opinions: upgrade my cube or sell?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by NIPRING, Feb 19, 2008.

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    I 've got a 500mhz Cube (that i think is ultra slick) mostly stock. I've replaced the cd-rw with a pioneer dvr-ko5, bumped the ram to 1.5gb, and upgraded the os to 10.4.10. I've decided to sell, but I'm concerned that because it has the stock graphics card ( i have a 15" adc studio with it) and original 20gb hdd that those things will really hinder its saleability. I had plans to upgrade these two things but now i'm wondering if its worth the money i'll put into it? Upgrade further and then sell? Or just sell as is?

    If i was looking i'd want to be able to use a more modern monitor ala dvi, plus 20gb sure doesnt seem like very much these days either.
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    If you are selling it the increase in price you will get from those upgrades won't make enough of a difference to make up for what you pay for them.
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    How much do you want for it? I've been looking for one of those. Prefer NOT upgraded too much,( no holes cut in case).
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    Well, i figured i'd ebay it. I have the cube (500mhz, 1.5gb ram, superdrive, airport card), 15" adc, original HK speakers, black pro keyboard, mighty mouse, and power supply. Acyrlic cube is in real nice condition. I did however remove the blue apple (make it look outdated to me) and one of the usb ports on the bottom is broken. But with the adc monitor its not an issue.

    Ultimately i want a 15" ibook, so i was hoping to get at least $475 for everything

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    IJ Reilly

    If I was interested in bidding, the first question I'd ask is which video card it has. Apple offered three different cards. Anything better than the RagePro adds value.

    Your original question was "upgrade or sell." If you don't get your price you might look into a used CPU upgrade and an inexpensive ADC video card.

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