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Oppo N1

Discussion in 'Alternatives to iOS and iOS Devices' started by Cnasty, Sep 23, 2013.

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    If it wasn't so damn big I'd definitely be interested--some true attempts at innovation. Choosing your UI, gesture navigation using the back of the device, and love the swivel camera--no need to use a terrible front facing camera's manufacturer's presently use.

    And considering it's running CyanogenMod, I'd guess updates would come quickly.
  3. MRU


    I think it looks pretty ugly to be honest, quite tacky and cheap. The oppo Find was alright, but just hate the design of this,... Meh.
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    Really? there is nothing to it. Such a simple design (minus the swivel camera)

    Love the super small bezel
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    Damn, I want one.
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    a long time ago i bought an oppo dvd player that upscales dvd to 1080 i or p or whatever...didn't know they make phones now...
  7. MRU


    I watched the Engadget hands on video and it looked vastly less impressive than the press shots to be honest.

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    That swivel camera is pretty cool and maximizes a better camera for all shots.

    Not sure the actual quality of it compared to other cameras but like new ideas and giving it a go versus the same ol.
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    The hands on video by Engadget looks impressive to me.
  10. MRU


    we are Ying and yang ;)
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    Oppo is one of the big Android OEM's in China and is very popular at selling their own line of Blu-ray players.

    I actually didnt hear about them until the Oppo Find 5.

    The swivel camera is an idea borrowed from the likes of the Sony Bloggie (HD recorder) that I owned which came out about 3 years ago. But I concept I like in phones as it should eliminate crappier front-facing cameras and much easier and better photos for self-portraits. Swivel camera is another very simple but practical idea like dual-frontal speakers that eliminates some hassle.
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    If the screen wasn't so big I would definitely buy.

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