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Oprah gives away iPods to entire audience

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by tjwett, May 21, 2003.

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    Mr. Anderson

    Hahaha - that's pretty damn funny. So what did she say when she gave them out?

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    I don't know, it was weird. All these women were screaming because Oprah apparently was giving away all this free stuff and then she was like; "Check this out...the iPod!". And then it was just like this dead silence. You could hear crickets in there. I think the only 2 guys in the crowd were psyched but the women had no clue what it was. They didn't make a peep until Oprah announced that it costs $399. Then they all went ape$h!t. It was pretty funny.
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    Oprah gives away iPods to entire audience

    Well, her entire STUDIO audience, that is.

    Today she included the Apple iPod as one of her Favorite Things for Spring, and gave away 15-gig models to her studio audience. Jealousy's setting in...

    It would have been cool to have the iTunes Music Store included, but we can't have everything. Regardless, mention of an Apple product that's 'everybody-ready' (Mac AND Windows compatible, all over the world) makes it better for O's audience. The promo is a bit of the mainstream exposure Apple needs in abundance. :cool:

    If you get a chance to see the show, originally broadcast on May 21, 2003, the iPod segment came a bit after the 30-minute point.

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    Re: Oprah Just Gave Away 350 iPods...

    Maybe those iPods will go to good homes.:p
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    And I live only five blocks from the bloody studio!

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    i saw it becvause my mom now starts getting excited whenever anything apple comes on TV. she was like "holy S**T!"
    i was in complete awe. i can't believe it! i hope the people in the audience know that you have to put your own music onto it:D
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    Who is editing this thread? The original subject I posted has been changed and I didn't have an Oprah link in my original post. Weird.
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    Re: Confused...

    Look at the very bottom of your first post.

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    Re: Re: Confused...

    I take it that's a moderator? I guess so because it's been moved, I originally posted in General. Oh well, I couldn't care less, just I've never seen that happen before.
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    Mr. Anderson is a moderator...it says so under his name...as does under my own... ;)

    but that is quite sad...I would have loved the free flip flops myself... :eek: :D
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    LOLS! I was flipping around the channels and noticed that Opera was on (never watched it before, I am more of a Deus Ex person....) and since I had read this topic before I still had it in my mind. It was the show you were speaking of, SON OF A *****! All the women in the audience were wondering what the heck the iPod was but the few guys looked liked kids on X-mas morning. The women only started to cheer when they were told how many songs it could hold and its price (That really seemed sort of odd). Oh the ipod dock has an audio out port on it? or were they using the jack on the iPod itself? My only other question is did Apple give 350 iPods or did Opera buy 350 iPods? (350x400 = $140,000). Oh is this a show that they simply give away items to the crowd?, It sure seems like that............
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    Oprah usually buys the stuff and gives it out because she has money. :( I really wish I had that kind of money.:(
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    i am so ****ing jealous. lol. gawd and they are free tickets to the show. writing in a letter to get tickets...and a 400 dollar ipod. wow.
  15. Ugg
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    Talk about absolutely priceless advertising! Can you imagine what this will do for iPod sales?! I don't watch tv but from what I hear about Oprah, whenever she endorses something sales skyrocket.
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    i want an ipod...:(
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    Don't worry. You can save up for an iPod. I'm your age (about), and it only took me a year and a half (since they came out) to save up for the mid range. Birthday gift cards, Christmas gift cards, and various odd jobs for nieghbors is how I got it. Unless if you have rich parents, which I don't, that's what you gotta do! If in your state it's possible to get a P/T job, then try that.
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    im gonna save up until the next revision
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    1.5 years for 400 dollars? my gawd that is a long time.
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    I wonder what % of the studio audience will utilize the iPod. What a waste. I hope they have the decency to give it to a Mac crazy relative. :mad:
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    Time to check ebay for a surplus of 15 gigers :p
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    sucks for u
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    dude, forget $400. turns out she gave away over a MILLION dollars worth of crap to that audience of 348 women and 2 dudes. my sister said Oprah does that sometimes, usually around Christmas. and yeah, she pays for all of it herself. poor Oprah, her life must really suck huh?
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    ACTUALLYYYY if you guys all care that much while I was visiting my grandma this afternoon and watching opera with her (which she actually looked hot for part of the show... weird I know... specially since I'm only 20 and Opera is about one of five black people I've seen including Kurby Pucket (yes I'm from Minnesota)) ANY WAY... all the companies that are the makers of those products DONATE them to the show... she states in there that if they won't give her 350 of their items she won't put them on her favorites list and not advertise them on the show...

    Furthermore there were 6 guys in the audience... only two got shown a lot because they kept on their nice spring crunchable hats that Opera gave them lol


    and yes I about crapped myself too when they put out the iPods...

    and they were playing the music from the iPod not through the craddle but they had it plugged in through the headphone jack at the top using the wired remote then a black cord attached to that of some sort... probably a mini-stereo jack to RCA Stereo...



    Opera is now my Hero lol
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    Oh one more thing...

    she said that they were giving away over 1million dollars that show to the audience... that's THREE THOUSAND bucks worth of crap per person just for sitting through an hour of Opera... I'd take that

    And I think the guys would have looked better if they would have made them try on the sheek bras she was giving out =)

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