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Optical drive for mac mini

Discussion in 'Mac mini' started by ilovebananas, Apr 28, 2008.

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    Just a quick question. Have purchased a mac mini. Latest model with leopard, I got the combo drive model. Am comfortable with taking it apart just want to know if I can swap out the drive for any slot loading one such as an Optiarc.

    I have a superdrive form am old broken macbook but it is slimmer than the one fitted into the mini. It doesn't line up properly in the machine.
    Just want to know before I shell out on a new drive.

    Thanks for any.

    Oh!! Also can I just pop a quicker merom in the machine or maybe even a penryn?
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    Teh Don Ditty

    You should be able to swap out the drive no problem, so long as they fit.

    You only put a faster processor in there. Memrom and Penryn are chipsets, thus you would need to replace the entire board.
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    No, Merom and Penryn are the names of cores, not chipsets.

    Are the Mac minis socketed, or soldered like the laptops?
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    Teh Don Ditty


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    cherry su

    you can pop in a merom if and only if the Intel number is 7(even numer)00. (i.e. T7200, T7400, T7600). However you can't use a T/X7800 because that chip is for the 'santa rosa' socket (479 i think).

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