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Optical Out to Analog

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by ismailoe, Oct 3, 2010.

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    I just wanted to know, if there is any chance to connect the new apple tv to my harman kardon hk 3480 receiver. unfortunately the receiver doesn't have an "optical in" port. how can i connect them?

    should i connect the apple tv to my televison via hdmi and take the analog audio signal from the tv?
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    Yes that is the best solution from the audio outputs from your tv to your amplifier.
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    thank you! the downside will be that if i just want to listen to music and use the apple tv to stream music from my macbook/iphone/ipad to the receiver the tv has to be turned on. a big waste of energy...
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    In that case you can just listen to your music through the Apple Tv giving you a reason to turn on the TV.

    You could always buy this little gadget, cheap too. Digital Coax & Optical Toslink to Analog Audio Converter http://www.monoprice.com/products/p...=10423&cs_id=1042302&p_id=6884&seq=1&format=2
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    thank you again! seems lika a good solution. i will try to get one here in germany...

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