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optimum design for document template picker?

Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by MrFusion, Jan 31, 2009.

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    I want to be able to pick a document template out of a list. This is a quick action, and the helping window doesn't have to stick around for long.

    How do I have to deal with the release call in a nice and clean design? Here, the release call is called before the user makes a choice.


    -(IBAction) newDocument:(id)sender {
     WinController *wc = [[WinController alloc] init];
     [wc setoptions:options];
     [wc setselector:@selector(createDocumentFromTemplate:)];
     [wc showwindow:nil];
     [wc release];
    -(void) createDocumentFromTemplate:(NSString *) template {
     //add document
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    If the templates are actual documents that are managed by your NSDocument subclass, I would do it outside of the NSDocument class and in your own separate controller object. Then in the controller, use NSDocumentController to create a new document based on the chosen template. I did something like this a few years back and this is the general model I used.
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    Thanks for the advice.

    Can I also not somehow do it in a subclass of NSDocumentController? The code I posted is sitting in such a subclass.

    I'll play around with your suggestion. Thanks.
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    I found a solution, if anyone is interested.

    In MyDocumentController, newDocument is overwritten and contains the code below (not all is shown).
    The window has a cancel and ok button.

    TemplateWindowController *twc = [[TemplateWindowController alloc] init];
    if ([NSApp runModalForWindow:[twc window]])
    	newDoc = [self makeUntitledDocumentFromTemplate:[twc valueForKey:@"chosenTemplate"] error:&err];
    [twc release];
    -(IBAction) cancelTemplate:(id)sender {
    	[NSApp stopModalWithCode:0];
    	[self close];
    -(IBAction) chooseTemplate:(id)sender {
            chosenTemplate = ...
    	[NSApp stopModalWithCode:1];
    	[self close];

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