Oral sex linked to mouth cancer

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by iGav, Feb 26, 2004.

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    You never cease to amaze me iGav.
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    This bit made me laugh!

    Too young for drink and smoking (legally 18 here, but often start younger) so it must be oral sex!

    Maybe this should be tagged onto the 'oral sex at school' thread?
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    What is even more funny...

    ... is the fact that oral sex is know to be a major reason for female infertility in western countries. While that may sound crazy first it does make sense from a scientific standpoint.

    <science talk> We all know that for certain diseases whose general way of entry is the mucosa (meaning the tissue in your mouth, lungs, nostrils, digestive tract etc.) we use oral vaccination instead of injections. The reason for that is that oral vaccination causes the production of the only antibody type that is secreted through the mucosa which is IgA. If you want to prevent certain bacteria or viruses from even entering your system this is the antibody you want. Well, it turns out that oral sex in fact works like oral vaccination. Sperm fluid is a more potent Adjuvans than complete Freund'sches Adjuvans (Adjuvans being a fluid that intensifies the reaction of your immunesystem against a certain target mixed with the Adjuvans). How did scientists come to that conclusion? When researching the cause for female infertility in many women in western countries they found high levels of IgA against parts of male sperm in the uteral and vaginal fluid. When searching for a possible explanation for that finding oral sex was the only common factor that was found and when using sperm-bank sperm-samples mice that were orally treated with it developed drastic IgA immune responses against sperm </science talk>

    *grins at the thought of this study being presented at a science convention*

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    we all gotta go ... not stopping me from diving for oysters anytime soon :D
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    Shhhhhhhhhh! Dont show this to my girlfriend. This thread must be deleted ASAP!
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    Tis truely a sad sad day...
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    i'll take my chances with the cancer... ;)
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    heheheheheheh :p :p :p :p :p :p
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    The innocence of youth. "It can happen to me."

    Don't be too concerned 1macker1, there was a thread not too long ago about women loosing weight because of performing oral sex.
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    Re: Oral sex linked to mouth cancer

    <joke>iGav what where you thinking! I saw this story in the paper today, but wasn't going to mention it. This story needs to be suppressed, not posted and talked about repeatedly! I know this site is probably gender biased, but this could be damaging to both sexes! Please think about the concequences before posting! :) :) :D Mods please delete this and everyone act like the thread never existed!</joke>

    The article states though that it only affects people who already have STD's. A point I'd highlight if my girlfriend ever mentioned the article. :cool:
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    i just mean that you can get busy livin' or get busy dyin'.... no point in wasting your time worrying about things like this...
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    This could be very well be the collapse of modern day society. ;)
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    just so long as you're gettin' busy ;)
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    i wonder how many people in teh study didnt smoke or drink?
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    Ah, everything causes cancer. I don't smoke, drink much, or go out in the sun much, but nothing's gonna stop me from enjoying this activity.

    Not that I've dated much lately after my last relationship went south, BUT STILL!!!
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    Heh, I'd show that to any potential girlfriend before this one then :p
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    I was about to say the same thing.

    But guys, can you imagine the "milage" some one need to have cancer in their mouth?
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    Sad sad story...

    Which is why it MUST be deleted!


    i bet... drinking water causes cancer!

    Yes, I can hear it now.

    New study reveals that drinking water, yes H2O, is now linked to cancer.

    The latest scientific scare tatic is
    _______ cause cancer.

    Stilly studies.
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    A major study shows that greater than 90% of oral cancer is caused by drinking and smoking. Those found to have HPV Virus (human papilloma virus) acknowledged to having oral sex. It is the same virus that causes cervical cancer. They are working a vaccine to prevent cervical cancer they think that it might be effective on oral cancer also.

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    I would be willing to volunteer to help them find out exactly how MUCH milage they need. :D :D
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    by giving it out :p ? .... LOL man i couldn't resist :D
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    Re: Re: Oral sex linked to mouth cancer

    heheh, I'm waiting for the massive influx of email from MR people whose sex lives I've destroyed.... heheheh

    but hey, think of it this way... these scientists and medical people are always making big sweeping statements like these, only for the following week another group of them announce that infact, oral sex could well be a cure for cancer.... :eek: :D :p :p
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    Savage Henry

    What next?? You Pick your nose too much your feet may fall off?

    Personally, (and with this subject matter how can it be anything else?) I think the lab-coat technicians are jealous because they all still live at home with their Mums, they still wet the bed and are looking to spoil it for the rest of us.

    Naturally I don't have a great deal of proof to back that up and am merely looking for attention and recognition from my peers, but that didn't stop them from publishing their findings in the first place;)

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