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Orange Announces iPhone France and Unlocking Options

Discussion in 'MacRumors.com News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Nov 28, 2007.

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    Orange announced pricing for the iPhone in France today.

    Orange will be selling the iPhone for 399 euro along with one of four plans with prices ranging from 49 euros to 119 euros per month. All plans include unlimited internet and visual voicemail.

    Customers who don't wish to subscribe to those particular plans can instead pay 549 euro and use another Orange plan. Finally for 649 euro, customers can purchase an iPhone with no required contract or obligation to Orange. The iPhone itself, however, will still need to be unlocked. With all options (399, 549, 649 euro), any customer may unlock the iPhone for an addition 100 euro during the first six months. After six months, the iPhone may be unlocked for free in accordance with French law.

    Article Link
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    399 euro, wait six months and it's unlocked for me :)
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    Apple!! Please release the iPhone on the Irish market!!!!! :mad:
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    don`t forget the 49 euro per month....
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    and in australia plzzzzzz
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    So for 749 euro, its possible to get an unlocked iPhone. Not too bad. If the dollar wasn't at such a ****** exchange rate right now, I could see a lot of Americans trying to get their hands on them.
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    399 euros, plus 12 x 49 Euros for required contract for first 12 months, plus 12 x 4.50 because you take a 12 month contract instead of 24

    = 841 Euros

    (ps http://iphone.orange.fr/ )
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    So about £537 for a legitimate unlocked phone without a contract, not including shipping and probably tax. Pretty expensive :(
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    $649 is a good price. In Canada - just under $1K - is what you'd pay for a unlocked ( very ) high end smartphone.

    France is going to be the iPhone hotspot for getting unlocked iPhones.

    Germans could cross the border and get their unlocked iPhones instead of paying the high price they would pay in Germany.
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    Good ol socialist france. :rolleyes:
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    Is it me or does it make very little sense to buy a locked iPhone without contract for 649? The only people that would be interested in that would be hack unlockers. At least a fully unlocked iPhone costs 649 + 100 = 749, which is a little more reasonable than 999.
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    And what's best is that Germans don't even have to cross the border, they can simply order iPhones from French mail order companies. Should Apple or Orange really try to prevent that, the EU will come after them. :)
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    So who's swimming the Channel tonight ??

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    So, we didn't get anywhere with the "cloning an legit unlocked iPhone f/w" idea?

    I wouldn't mind paying £462 for an unlocked iPhone. Annoying thing is I want the o2 package they supply in the UK, but I also want to use my Vodaphone sim card for calling friends and family for free.
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    Indeed. Proud to be European. :rolleyes:
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    Indeed. It's worth paying the £200 premium for the choice, but most ppl in London will still end up paying for the cloud, and by the time you've done that, you might as well be paying 45 quid for 500 mins with o2 so that you get all the freebies that come with the (still overpriced) price plans...
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    Waiting for the :

    "Apple is changing the cell phone market for the better"
    "The consumer will be better off without the greedy Telcos at the helm"


    Look at those ridiculous fees. This shared revenue has done nothing to help the consumer. All it does is lead to higher tarriffs from the telcos who are trying to get back the up front costs. Only one who benefits is Apple.

    I cant wait to see the sales figures for european regions, they will be mediocre at best. All the people who wanted one imported them unlocked and shrewdly circumvented the ridiculous price gouging.
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    That's right... 999 is a crazy pricing scheme...
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    Or 649€ + 6 months' time = 649€ and a bit of waiting.
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    iPhone Hype

    Not a chance - I tried one in the Apple shop, and Internet is just too slow. It's a phone AND a web device, with the web crawling away. Nope, I will resist temptation and wait for the 3G model and availability across telecoms.
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    Get yourself down to St Pancras, get the Eurostar, make a weekend of it :)
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    This unlocking seems to be getting better all the time. Now we have to get it to Thailand. Maybe sooner than Canada. Oh sorry just pulling your chain. :p
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    i'm going to france in the summer. Could i take my iphone over there and have it unlocked?
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    iPhone language

    the iPhone's language would still be French I assume? Or can you change this without any hacking ?
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    Well if it's 1.1.2 you can choose between French, English, German and Italian

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