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Discussion in 'iPhone Launch Meetups' started by Mystikal, Jun 7, 2010.

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    Whose gonna be where on the 24th? Im probably going to the Fashion Island store because its safe as hell and 10 mins from my house. Cant wait!
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    I can't decide, maybe I'll go to the Spectrum in Irvine, I'm in Lake Forest, so both are fairly close-by. Fashion Island is a better shopping experience though ;) I'm just worried about making the switch to AT&T....not exactly looking forward to it
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    I'm thinking of going to the Apple Store in South Coast Plaza. I wonder - if I pre-order online and choose "Store Pick-up", does that guarantee that my iPhones (I'm ordering one for me and one for my wife) will be reserved for me there in store when I go there at 10 AM on the 24th? Or do they just sell them on a first come first serve basis?
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    I'm in the same situation and have the same question. If you find out an answer, post it here. Thanks!

    Not sure where I'm going to go though. Either SCP, Irvine Spectrum or Fashion Island :D
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    Does anyone know if SCP, Brea of Fashion Island allows you too camp out the night before? if not what time do they allow you to get their in the morning?

    Anyone have experience from past iPhone launches?

    *also i know the fashion island store is outdoor, not inside a mall so will they be regulating as strictly about what time you can get there?
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    Well, for the 3G launch I saw people camping outside of the mall itself for Brea. IIRC, South Coast let people inside so they could wait in front of the store the last couple launches. Don't know about Fashion Island.
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    Alright, looks like I might be going to SCP and camping out
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    I dont see why Fashion Island wouldnt. Its RIGHT near the parking lot. I plan on checking out the night before and seeinf if theres a line.
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    Yeah, the more i think about it I might just wait in my car until they allow us to go sit out front of the store.. Im not going to be able to pre-order and i desperately want a White iPhone so its even more crucial that I get in line early after hearing all the nonsense about a perhaps shortage of white iphones..
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    I'll be reserving a phone and going to South Coast Plaza to pick it up. :) I can't wait!
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    Got mine on reserve and going to Fashion Island wednedsay night with a friend!
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    I'll be at Fashion Island - no camping for me - I'll probably get there at around 5 AM or so and hang out with everyone - doors open at 7 AM everywhere, right?

    I don't think Fashion Island will allow camping - have you guys been to the area? You can't sneeze without someone asking if everything is okay

    Like SCP, I bet they'll allow people to start lining up at around 5 AM
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    Anyone else going to be at Fashion Island? What time is everyone getting there?
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    If you haven't pre-ordered yet, I do believe you can't now. You'll have to wait in line and try your luck.

    They'll be a line for those who pre-ordered/reserved and those that didn't. Those that pre-ordered have till the end of the day to pick up their phones before they lose them. So, some have suggested, if you don't have a pre-order reservation, to show up on the 25th.

    Good luck!
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    SCP will not usually let people line up on mall property until 5am. I work at the Best Buy across the street from the Apple store in Crystal Court and for every Game console / Black friday launch BB has, Metro Pointe will make the people camping out wait on Bear St.

    It might be different for this iPhone launch since it is supposed to be one of the biggest. I remember last year for the 3GS launch there wasn't much of a line outside (We lined up near Z Gallerie). There was maybe 50 people in line that morning.
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    Im going between 8-10 with a friend of mine. :D
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    Just called FI security, they said no staying overnight. Hmmm....

    Apple store said we cant line up until 6 AM.
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    im planing on going to fashion island apple store at 5am, if they dont let me lineup, ill just wait in my car till they do even tho i got a reservation

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