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Discussion in 'iPhone Launch Meetups' started by Eldiablojoe, Jun 16, 2010.

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    Anyone else?
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    Mission Viejo Mall Iphone4 launch day

    I will be there with 2 friends, so 3 IPhones to pick up - got reservations, lets see how that works out - store opens at 7 I believe
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    I went to the store today to make sure I was on the list. Also to see line status. No one crazy enough yet.... Anyways I'll be there scouting at 12am weds night. If no one is there then I'm gonna return around 3-4am. ( I work alot of night shifts so I'm use to it). This should be like old times when I camped out for the PS2!!!
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    Called the apple store today to ask if they were going to have a seperate line for people with reservations, according the employee, he said that they are, but it is going to be just a long as the one for people that do not have reservations.
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    But, my MV Apple Store sales rep told me, the Reserved line will move *much* faster.

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    Great news!
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    What time will the line start?

    I also plan on getting early, but I don't think the mall itself is going to be open prior to 7am. Are people going to lineup early in the morning off the parking structure bridge that is nearest to the Apple Store?

    Does anyone have insight on this? :D
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    When talking to the guy at the Apple Store, he told me that the mall opens around 3-4 for mall traffic during these big events. If not then I would think the walkway you are talking about would be a good spot to line-up.

    Ill keep this thread updated if I learn more.
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    Alright, awesome jdwebby! Definitely appreciate the input. I also work many a late night, so methinks going straight over there after work is a great idea.

    Anyone else crazy enough to brave the late night lines? And out of curiosity, how long is the line usually? Not as crazy as the ones in Japan and NYC, I hope!
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    Hmm...Rancho/Coto/MissionV/Niguel/Capo/Dana and everyone else out off least 100 people in line in front of you at all times...(lots of holding/cutting/chaos/randomness)...ticked-off stressed-out people trying to get their phones and get to work..high unemployment and at-home-workers means lines all day bored to death children and the perpetually-annoyed AppleStore staff. And for those of you who have never been to a community function in Saddleback/Capo Valley, you get to look forward to an eclectic crowd of.. suburban neo-punker high-school kids and their trailer park people pets, emotionally disturbed community college students by the hundreds, lots of disgustingly rich foreign people --many smoking with bulging neck veins and screaming at their spouse or into a cell phone-- towing a small army of plump overbearing children running around shooting things with their toys whining for their iPhones, hundreds of nolonger-able-to-handle-adult-conversation soccer moms with two or three pre-adolescent screaming cheerleader girls each, every real estate and insurance agent in town plus a lot of pear-shaped tech people, some lonely over-dressed cougars (who aren't really there for an iPhone but have obviously done way worse), gaggles of 80s-fashion people from Asisa speaking in Foreign between unisex giggles, packs of all-female and all-male wolves and nerd herds, hip-hop jock flocks, flamboyant neurotic Saturday Night Live characters talking nonstop about non-sense into their phones to god know's who, at least one or two future axe murderers and someone who has people tied up until they get back home, some older people in their 60s-80s talking about gold and weather --some with power chairs and farting a lot, a lot of withdrawn middle-aged people who wish God would take them quickly, a lot of overly-domesticated plump middle-aged people who think they're at the zoo and EVERYONE is their friend, many xtreme-alcoholics, the inevitable chorus of clergy and a whole lot of people sent there by others to wait for a fee. throw in the pan-handlers, clouds of smoke (some of it strange), professional thieves in from Pomona/Oceanside/Elsinore running loose in the parking garages, some rent-a-cops who don't do well in social settings and you've got a crowd!

    If you miss it, the whole thing is going on video and there will be a bazillion photos uploaded to FB every few seconds from the small army of smart phones everyone will be fidgeting with. Don't forget that great FB tagging and recognition feature! Bring the Hand Sanitizer and load up on Orange's about all you can do with treatment-resistant TB and H1N1 on the loose.
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    Wow. Hate much?

    Not saying I disagree. Besides, I think I know you. 18?
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    You've got South Coast Plaza mixed with The Shops at Mission Viejo.
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    My wife has a phone on pre-order and I do not. I was thinking of going around six to wait in the "non-preorder" line and then having her come meet me when I'm in there since her name is on the account anyway and I can't buy my phone without her. Do you think they will be weird about her coming in to meet me even though I've been the only one waiting? I mean, she has a pre-order that should have her name on it, right?

    Also, does anyone remember if 3GS sold out? I don't remember. I'm not dying to get my phone day 1, but I don't want to wait until August if the apple stores are never gonna get a shipment.

    Lastly, I'm already dreading the bloody computer systems failing due to all of the already-setting-up east coast iphone buyers. You know that is going to be a nightmare.

    One last question....if you have a pre-order. What is the reason to get to the store early? Shouldn't they hold it all day for you?
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    Have any of you camped out here for the earlier iPhones? Is that walkway where the Apple Store expects us to be or is that just where everyone ends up because its the closest entrance?
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    Probably because it's the closest entrance. The Apple Store expects you to be at it's entrance and form two lines. I don't think they care where you come in from, so long as you line up in front of their store.
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    Straight from the mouths from a few people waiting in line already at Irvine Spectrum:
    He told me that there is no way white iPhones are going to be in stock at the Apple Store. His source is from the manager of the Irvine Apple Store. So if you are the few hoping to get the white iPhone, you're out of luck.

    Mind you, I did find it interesting people are already camped out. Then again, they don't have an iPhone reserved, and the manager refused to tell them how many they had in stock at the location, but since they are the first two people there, I think that they will get an iPhone.

    I can also confirm that there is another line, for the pre-order/reserved people, but there is only one person there at this time.

    I also find it interesting that no one posted an Irvine Spectrum meetup thread neither. Oh well. I guess we OC people are not as crazy as the people up in San Francisco or New York City.

    I'll bet 2 cents that there is going to be a decent line up on that parking lot bridge entrance, right by Nordstrom.

    See you all there!:D
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    So what time do those of you with reservations plan on getting there?
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    We are not going for reservation until after lunch probably. I think all day will be crazy with activations, but for some reason I feel that the morning will be worse. I assume att stores will sell out by lunch, so hopefully apple activations in the afternoon will go quicker. Apple will not give away your reserved iphone either if you are there on Thursday, so I do not understand why people are camping out if they have a reservation.

    Also, at MV apple store, the camp out/early morning line always starts on the bridge outside the doors by abercrombie and goes into the garage until the apple people come out and walk you into the mall. I confirmed this yesterday with a lady at the apple store that I have seen work there for a while now.
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    My plan is to get there sometime around the morning. The way I see it, getting there early when I have a reserved product is to get it sooner rather than later, since according to the email that was sent to me, they have to hold that reservation till the end of the business day.

    I believe that it will behoove a person to wait early in line if they didn't get a reservation and was hoping to pick one up via walk-in.

    My plan is to go swing by later today and see how bad the line is. Depending on that, I'll swing in earlier if it looks pretty lengthy.
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    Does anyone know if there's a line now? I was gonna stop by later his afternoon and plan on going back around 6am
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    I plan on swinging by in a bit to check out the status of the lines. I'll post the results I find here.
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    Currently one guy on an ipad tshirt and a cigarette waiting on the bridge by apple. He may be an employee tho. No roped ff lines set up yet. Apple employee said mall opens at 6 for queue directly outside apple

    what time is everyone else planning on getting here?
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    When is everyone else planning on getting there?? I think I'll get there maybe a little after midnight... bring a chair and just chill on my iPhone. Anyone else have a game plan?
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    I am gonna be there at 6:30 am - but i got a reservation :)
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    I'll be rolling up around 3 am. I'm the OP, and I'll have a blue sand chair and a USC blanket :)

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