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Orange Sells Millionth iPhone in France

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, May 22, 2009.

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    Orange today announced that it has sold one million iPhones in France since its initial offering of the original iPhone in November 2007. In recognition of the milestone, Orange is offering its customers free access to its Roland-Garros iPhone application, providing tennis fans with mobile viewing of the upcoming French Open.

    In the release, Orange also highlights a number of other iPhone applications that have been released by the wireless provider:
    Orange was the exclusive iPhone provider in France until a court ruling in December 2008 forced Apple to allow other carriers to offer the iPhone for sale. Bouygues Telecom and SFR have since become official iPhone providers.

    Article Link: Orange Sells Millionth iPhone in France
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    Nice. Didn't realize they sold that many phones over there.
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    great for them! and nice of them to give out that free tennis app.
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    That makes one million Europeans that have made the intelligent realization that the iPhone is far better than anything Nokia has ever made.
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    And what did the millionth buyer get (along with the iPhone) ? :D Nothing?
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    So France has a population of about 64 million and they have sold 1 million iPhones. So one in 64 people have an iPhone.

    Not bad I guess.
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    That's 1.56% of population.
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    And what is the percentage in the United States ?
    (for comparison)
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    This is only going by *one* of the service providers. The article states that France has multiple providers selling the iPhone, so its almost certainly quite a bit higher than 1 million.
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    For your advice :
    - SFR sells 100.000 iPhone since April 8th (launch day)
    - Bouygues Telecom sells 40.000 since April 29th (launch day)
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    awww They should give out something cool over here in the U.S. for the billionth download thing. (Ok, someone got that 10k, but what about the rest of us who contributed to this iphone app store phenomena????) :(

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