Ordered MacBook Air 1.8ghz with SSD!!

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by shoulin333, Jan 16, 2008.

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    Screw what i said earlier.. i seriously forgot the $2500 i had saved up for the MBP that didnt come out... and i really didnt need because i have a Quad core "mac" *cough*...

    so anyways... after looking at it with drool for the past hour i dove for it!

    bought the high end model with student discount that came to just over 3,100 shipped....

    the reason i didnt care for it before is that i thought 80gb 4,200rpm drive was crap.. but the ssd would be sweet.. also since batteries are replaced free and not crazy expensive...

    and i run my own business while finishing up college so i can write it off as a business expense... i mean why pay 14% to the gov't when i can use part of it to buy my lappy? plus i need a nice small lappy for doing back-ups of customers files..

    so all in all im happy.. only having to really shell out 600ish more dollars, and it's a write off :)

    here is a pic of the price/ship date.... def get it by the 12th they say... that's good enough for me

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    I think you may well have been the first person to order one. They should have made the MBA a limited edition numbered machine. Now that would have driven up demand.
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    I expect to read a full review and lots of pictures by the 15th :p
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    you bet...

    i have a $200 gift card from DELL, imma use that to buy a cheap digital camera so i can take some good pics...
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    Lucky you, I hope it fills your expectations.
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    If the battery runs dead you will have to pay Apple $129 to replace it.

    As for your cost, you're getting a computer with LESS power than one I can buy right now for $500 for over $3000. I honestly don't think that "thin" makes that much difference either - the width and depth of the machine are the same as the MacBook.

    If you're trying to convince US that you are "writing it off" as a "business expense" then you really aren't sure yourself. You'll end up paying for it anyway.
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    Forget what all these losers and whiners say.

    They can never be happy and always expect more.

    You just invested in a technological feat that no other manufacturer has achieved!!

    I am willing to bet that when you whip out that MacBook Air in public, people's jaws are going to drop. Especially those who aren't so hip to Apple's latest products.

    I seriously doubt someone will say, "dude, I would have gotten that little plastic MacBook if I were you."

    I think it is awesome you went for it.


    Oh, don't forget to take unboxing pictures and post them here.
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    Congrats on your purchase. I'm still waiting for the new 15" MBP because i find 13.3" too limiting for what i do.

    I was thinking myself, i'd love a 15" version of the Air. Super thin, super light but with a nice big screen!
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    And when you try to run a real application on this machine it will fail miserably because it has a slow hard disk. You'll never be able to upgrade it and you have to pay Apple to replace the battery for you.

    It really is quite a sorry state of affairs when people reject a more suitable computer for the sake of less than a centimetre.
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    Well Sony did achieve the thinness factor with the X505 but it was much more expensive than the top model MBA.
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    He said he ordered the SSD, hardly slow :rolleyes:

    Congrats on your purchase :)
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    It won't fail miserably. It might be a bit slower (slightly) but then again this machine isn't for power, it is for portablity.

    If you are buying this laptop expecting to do massive 3D renders then you really have chosen the wrong machine, however it will still do it.
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    You lucky bastard. I'd get one if it wasn't such a stupid price.
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    True. Apple had to fit it between the MB and MBP or else everyone would buy the Air if it was priced at $1599 (since the Blackbook is $1499).
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    Mine is a day sooner ships by Feb6th yea ordered 2 at 1;30pm right after keynote :)
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    It's still faster than the fastest Powerbook, and they run a treat with 2GB of RAM in them... :rolleyes:
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    All so very true. I am going to buy the exact same one myself. I just want to see it in 'the flesh' before I do. Can't wait to get my hands on it!

    Congratulations mate,

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    Congratulations to you, I'm envious :p

    Specs aren't everything you know. For the use it's intended for, you wouldn't notice the difference between a 1.8 or 2.8! I could rant on all day, but at the end of the day I just think people aren't comparing it to similar offerings (a MacBook is not a similar offering) and they're expecting way too much from Apple. This is groundbreaking, it is the future, and like the iPhone... will develop over time.
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    ya im stoked, wansnt worried about speed for big proggies.... just for delay in opening programs... but with the ssd im sure that will be fine....

    this laptop will be for traveling to jobs, and school... the programs that will be used will be remote desktop to my server thats hosts quickbooks so i can make reciepts... and office...

    thats really it

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