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Ordered ny First Mac! 1.6 G5

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by adamfilip, Jul 21, 2003.

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    Okay i cant wait i just placed my order for my first Mac through the Canadian source for the apple student developer.

    im a heavy PC user and cant wait to switch! over
    i also ordered an isight. with the new 1.6ghz G5

    unfortunately im guessing it will be around the end of Sep before i get this thing

    cause the order guy said there are 200! orders in front of mine.
    and they arent shipping yet.

    either way i cant wait.. glad to officially join the mac community.! finally!
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    I also just ordered a 1.8 G5+ati 9800 pro, although it isn't my first mac. I'm still excited though!

    Congratulations to us both! :D
  3. job
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    Congrats. :)

    I envy you. ;)
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    Re: Ordered ny First Mac! 1.6 G5

    I checked deliver dates at the Apple Store on the 18th and they were showing 4 - 6 weeks for the single CPU G5s and 7 - 10 weeks for the duals. You may still see it by the end of August.

    I haven't ordered yet. I want to make sure I can get another consulting gig going this year before I commit. I figure playing around with the Panther Betas will keep me off the street until then :)
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    Re: Ordered ny First Mac! 1.6 G5

    How much did the Apple Student Developer membership cost you, and how much did you end up saving? :confused: I want purchase a 12" iBook or PB, or maybe a 15" PB. Not sure yet.
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    okay well if i didnt sign up as a student dev

    the system and Isight would be $3018 plus tax so.. $3470. Canadian

    i ended up paying $2783 with tax.. but not incl the $150 to sign up for as a dev..

    so i saved $537

    not bad and i get some resources cause of the developer..

    can i buy the panther beta?
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    Jerry Spoon

    Welcome to the club. We'll teach you the secret handshake later.;)
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    No, if you have signed up with Apple with the developer thing, then you might get a Dev Panther Seed or something. Otherwise, you just have to wait until the full version comes out, or else download it illegally.
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    tich tich tich - suggesting he use illegal software - not on these forums.
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    It's only illegal to share it, not to download it. Afterall, it's not for sale.
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    PS, the $10 law classes are much better than the $5 ones.
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    re: Panther Beta

    No, you can't buy it. I received the CDs in my July Dev mailing. I expect a newer beta in the August mailing, which should go out the end of this week or early next week. I've heard Apple does not plan on putting the images up for download on the ADC site.

    The one I received in the July mailing was the same one distributed at WWDC.
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    i have a few questions about student discounts.
    how old or what grade do you have to be in?
    does it only apply to certain products?

    thanks for any help:)
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    I believe its only available for Post Secondary students. ie.. college, universities

    in canada its handled throught a 3rd party.. and they have a price list with 95% of the hardware products.. no software

    in the states.. its just like the apple store
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