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Ordering my 13" ultimate today - should I care if it has a toshiba SSD?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by UKmacman, Nov 22, 2011.

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    Looking forward to ordering and getting my 13" ultimate but I am just a little concerned about the whole toshiba v samsung SSD issue.

    First off is it really an issue or is it just for heavy processing and then you might notice a difference? Would be really annoyed to wait a week to get the computer and then have to send it back not knowing if the same thing will happen again.

    Also how do you even check? Balanced views appreciated!
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    It really does not matter.
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    You check by going to "About this Mac"->More Info->System Information and then you can see your SSD there.

    It really does not matter though. I have a Toshiba drive in mine, and I dont realise a difference between that and my friends Samsung, apart from a second or two (literally) in boot up.

    The speed difference is negligible unless your moving some REALLY big file. You won't even realise it in every day tasks.

    I recommend you dont even check your SSD. People can get a little bogged down with the numbers; when I realised I had a Toshiba SSD, I was like "damn". But then I remember that I absolutely love my MBA, and no series of numbers under the hood can change that. If you really want to check your SSD model, I suggest you do it after a few days of using it (and you will love it). Then, if you do have the 'inferior' Toshiba model, you know that it shouldn't bother you, because its the best laptop you have owned :).
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    Thanks all and especially Xikum. This is like therapy (or how I imagine it would be!) - they voice of logic rings true! Very valid point.
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    You won't see any difference. I have Toshiba and my machine boots up faster than my friend's Samsung. Really, just enjoy your computer.
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    As already stated, you shouldn't care. I have a Toshiba in mine that I just picked up two days ago. In most benchmarks it is only about 20% slower than the Samsung which is still 100% faster than a mechanical drive. You are looking at a second or two slower boot (maybe) and fraction of a second slower application load times (and then only for large applications). Seriously just enjoy it as everyone has stated.
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    I have the Toshiba, I don't care.
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    I don't get how you check, mine just says "Apple SSD"?
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    Part number starts with, TS or SG
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    nope. why do you care about apple's standard :apple:
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    Mine says SM, I guess that must mean Samsung?
    Apple wouldn't use different SSD's if there was a massive difference in performance so I wouldn't even consider it. The Air is a fantastic computer and you won't be dissapointed.
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    yes, Sm. My fault.
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    Simple answer. No.

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