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Organising Music Videos

Discussion in 'iPod' started by callummc, Jul 8, 2008.

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    I was just wondering how you guys tag your music videos in itunes as I'm not sure how to do mine atm :confused:

    Tagging them as in the album they are from?

    ie. foo fighters best of you video would be tagged as album: in your honour

    Tagging them as an album on their own?

    ie. Best Of You (video) for the album

    Or tagging all the artists videos in one album together?

    Ie. all the foo fighters videos in an album called Foo Fighters Videos

    or a different way?
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    I tag the video the same exact way as the original song from the original album. I tag the song name, artist, album artist, year, album art, and album, then obviously change video type to music video. Other than that, I leave the track number blank and this makes sure the music video is shown with the CD the song is on, but shows at the bottom instead of right next to the track it's named like. That's my personal preference and I think it works nicely.
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    I name the album and genre of each music video "Music Videos". Otherwise my experience has been that the videos get mixed with audio tracks and I don't want that. Now (in cover flow) all the music videos show up as one album. If anyone has a suggestion on how to better solve please let me know.

    Ideally I think Apple should have a separate category in the left-hand pane in iTunes called (Music Videos or Videos) just as Podcasts and Movies etc.
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    Doesn't Cover Flow for the iPod Touch and iPhone only show in album mode? Wouldn't that mean that anything without an album name doesnt get shown? I personaly just get rid of the album name so that it doesn't mix with the audio tracks of whatever album it is under.
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    I very much agree with you there. I also classify all my music videos by genre so I can have a smart playlist with them listed there as well.

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