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Organising TV Shows

Discussion in 'iPod' started by duncyboy, Oct 16, 2008.

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    OK, what am I doing wrong?

    I've ripped several TV Shows using Handbrake and imported them into iTunes. I've changed the media type to TV Show, updated the Season Number and Episode Numbers etc- but I can't get them to organise themselves in episode order? Here's an example- series 1 of Red Dwarf:


    Is it something to do with that first little column that's highlighted blue? I even ripped and added the episodes in the right order. Where am I going wrong?
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    2 ways to do this...

    1) Click the "Show" column heading and it will sort by whatever you tagged as the episode number. Right now you're sorted by "track number", but those are all blank.


    2) Add a "Track" number. That will populate that first column there that you have blank. Tag episode 1 as TRACK 1, and you'll get a "1" in that column.

    I do both of these. Shows from the iTunes store are also tagged this way.
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    Better to set the meta tags. I use MetaX for TV Show/Movie art and TV Show season and episodes.
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    Thanks very much for the replies- knew I was going wrong somewhere!

    Will get that sorted when I get home- cheers! :)

    EDIT/UPDATE: Worked a treat, RumMunkey- cheers! All my TV Shows are not fettled grand and my OCD's sated.

    Thanks :)

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